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    We recently relocated to Austin, Texas. I was very worried about finding dr who would continue my medications, as what ive been on the past 9 months really works well for me. Dr Ron Monsolo in Leander, TX got my records from my old dr in TN and has continued me on the same medications. I was very pleased with how comfortable he made me and reassuring he was. I strongly recommend him if you are currently on medication that WORKS for you but are needing to relocate to the Austin area.

    FTR I am on Lortab 10 and a muscle relaxer for the fibro related pain. I also take other meds for anxiety and depression. But he really put my mind at ease and said as long as I only come once a month and dont request more meds than im currently on then it ont be a problem to continue. Which is the same contract i had ith my old dr in TN.

    Anyway, I just anted to share this information in case it could help someone else.

    Hope you all are having a good weekend. We've been in the pool alot the past month and it sure is relaxing :)

    ~Rachel in TX
    Mom to Mikayla (11), Harley (9), and b/g twins Evie & Jackson (19 months)

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