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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pwalter, May 29, 2006.

  1. pwalter

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    I just surfed onto the board today as I am constantly looking for answers to what may be wrong with me. For the past 5 months I have been very fatigued (weakness and mental). Along with the fatigue I have been experiencing constant thick clear post nasal drip down the back of my throat. I am currently seeing an allergist who attributes my fatigue to lack of good rest from the post nasal drip. I know this is a cause of fatigue for some people but I am just not convinced. I have have always had common hay fever (sneezing itchy eyes and such) however all this fatigue and post nasal drip and sore throat is new to me. Also, allergy drugs are doing nothing for it and I can breathe through my nose fine most days anyway. It all came on after a bad cold/virus this past december and ever sine I just cannot seem to wake up. Is this similiar to what anyone else has experienced? Do any of these symptoms other than obviously the severe fatigue ring a bell with anything consistent with CFS? Any info, or personal experience stories would be very helpful. As I am starting to think I may be dealing with this for a long, long time. Thanks so much, -P
  2. Cromwell

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    Welcome. I think many here have PND too, CFS is a fatigue that is so debilitating, so I hope it is not that.

    Could it be the allergy meds? Others here know a lot more about it so I will bump this up for you.

    Love Anne Cromwell
  3. pwalter

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    Thanks for the quick reply! It is not the meds because I have been on allegra for years with no side effects. So if it is indeed allergies I am inclined to think it is either effecting my sleep, or the allergy itself is causing the fatigue. It is just strange that it started in January, a time when I really do not have many active allergies to speak of. This also make we worry it may be something more. Thanks again.
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    Welcome to the board!

    I think I just read my own story! :) Anyway, it was last fall when I experienced the same symptoms. I went to the doctor to get flonase and a antibiotic. (I've been an allergy sufferer for 20yrs) Within one week, I felt like me again. But also at the same time, I began an aggressive nutritional program because I had learned that allergies are a strong sign of a depleted immune system. WOW!!! Evidentally this was the right combination for me.

    Keep your chin up and make sure to do your research...I recommend

    Take care,
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  6. pwalter

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    Thanks again for all the helpful responses. During this time I have been sick I had thought I had sinus infections but a ct scan of my sinuses proved otherwise. So all the antibiotics I have been on over the past few months have not done anything. No real muscle pain to complain of, other than just feeling much weaker than normal. I have lost 20 pounds just due to the fact that I am unable to work out/lift weights anymore. Also I am doing nasal rinses and am on nasonex...these seem to get some crap out of my nose, but nothing ever touches the fatigue. Thanks again.
  7. TaniaF

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    Wow, this sounds like me too! I have horrible PN drip and I hate it. Wish I could only blow stuff out of my nose.
    The PN is very thick too and my pulminologist says I must aspirate it into my lungs. I had a chest x-ray where the radiologist said I had lung nodules. Then after taking an antibiotic and treating the PN drip, the next x-ray it was gone. Nothing like a scare--I had to do a CT scan and even a PET scan thinking I may have lung cancer. No, just the nasty old PN drip causing problems.

    I get spells when I get very fatigued, the PN is at its worse and it even causes me bronchitis although the mucus is clear--no infection.

    I take Allegra, use Nasacort AQ spray and Pulmicort inhaler for my so-called bronchial asthma. I'm not being much help to you, but you are not alone. Alot of us have the PN problem.

    I have mild FM and have CFS. My IgG is low in my immune system and I also have neutropenia (low white blood cells).

    Hope you feel better soon,
  8. pwalter

    pwalter New Member

    How was it determined that you have CFS? Do they have to rule out every possible allergen cause first? Just curious. Thanks for the great response.
  9. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member


    It happens. I had an allergist who have me the injectons every week. It has helped somewhat. Why not think aboutg about a regime of injections? It can't hurt and can only help.

  10. MegJanelle

    MegJanelle New Member

    I've had some luck with allergy shots also. I think you should give that a try. Maybe some other people have info on this.

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