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    Hi everyone!!

    I am so glad that I found this board. For months I have been going at it alone and now I am glad that I have found others that I can relate to.
    It took me 5 yrs of going from one Doc to the next and test after test before I found out that I had fibromyalgia. I stopped working in Dec. 2001 because I just couldn't take the pain and exhaustion anymore. I didn't find out till June of 2002 what was actually going on with me. I had an MRI and it showed that I also have degenerative disk disease. I have rhuematoid arthritis as well and gout. I have been suffering from depression too. I finally am taking medication that seems to be helping some. I am on neurontin, oxycontin and vioxx for pain and amytriptyline and remeron for the depression. After I found out what was wrong I and had been out of work for almost a year I decided to file for disability. Well as of today its been 164 days since I filed my application. I know that its a long process but most people get an answer by now and have moved on the the next step but I am still waiting for my first response. Its a shame that by law there is not time limit on getting an answer and its so frustrating when your living from day to day on one income.
    If any of you have success stories and won disability I would love to hear back from you. Or anyone who has any advice. Thanks so much
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    Hi Jeanna, welcome to our world. I also have Fibro, so know just how you feel. Sorry that was your diagnosis, but at least its not terminal! Thats the only good thing about it.

    I can't help with your disability, but a lot of our members will be glad to share their experience with you.

    Again, welcome to the board, and hope we hear from you often.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    Thank you very much I look forward to making some new friends that are going through the same thing that I am going through. Most people that I have talked to about my illness don't even know how to pronounce fibromyalgia much less know what it is lol. I knew very little about it myself until I found out that I had it. Thanks so much for the welcome and I look forward to getting to know you all!

    Thanks again!
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    How did you file your application? I sent mine over the internet & got a response in a couple of months. They send you more paperwork to do & then they send you even more. After that I called & checked on it after another 2mos & was informed that it was sent to the medical examiners. Then I get sent in for a psychiatric eval (I have depression along w/my FMS,IBS, Insuling Resistance, Osteoarthritis, etc). They are now waiting to get the exam results & then they will make their decesion on my case. How did I find all this out? Call SSDI, they will be able to tell you if they received your packet & who your caseworker is & you should be given that person's phone # & extension directly to them. Good luck!
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    If it has beenthat long thenyou should call ssa and ask for the worker that has your file and see if you can get info on what your next step will be. Be consistant and call frequently but don't pester. They shhold send more frms for you so fillthem out promtly. It is up to you tostay on top of your litigation. Keep going to your dr. and taking your meds. Every time you get new reports or meds let them know.
    I hope this helps a little. My wife is in appeals stage now and will go before a law judge soon we hope.
    NEVER give up. Dave
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    I filed in Sept of 2002 (sof its the fog lol). I got the phone interview and then got all the paper work in the mail then after i sent that in I got more paper work. I have helped them obtain all of my medical records which were scattered about everywhere from all the doctors that I have seen. I called last week to see where we were in the process and the case worker said that he was fixing to send it to be medically reviewed. I also go a letter telling me to go see a SS doctor for my claim do depression then a few days later got another letter saying that I didn't need to go that they had all the information that they need. I didn't know if that was good or bad lol. I have not had to see any of thier doctors which in a way i was glad from the stories that I have heard about it. I have kept in contact with the guy who is working on my case as well as help assitant. They have always been super nice to me but its just taking so long. I know that its a long process but most get their first turn down letter with in four months and can move on to the next process. The fact that its been about 6 months or more makes it frustrating. Thanks for your advice and I will never give up until I obtain the benefits I deserve. Would love to hear from anyone who has went through this process. Thanks for your great replies!!

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    Well let's hope that in your case that No news is good news. I first filed in Oct. of last year, got my first denial about 3 months later and now I have appealed their decision. I had to go see their shrink last week so I haven't heard anything back yet, but I did get a lawyer after my first turn down. Good luck to you and welcome to the board.
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    Just did my phone application yesterday morning from my friends phone. I babysit sometimes for my friend and am trying to start a business. The lady who took my SSDI phone application was very pleasant but did laugh when I told her exactly what I earned baby sitting and with the business.She said they would be sending me a letter requesting documentation they need for the claim. She said after that gets back they will send it for medical evaluation.

    It was also suggested to file for low income disability as well (since it is better to have it on record as denied and can be appealed if things change) and she gave my file to some one else to call me for that application. He of course told me since I was married I didn't qualify and would get the denial letter within three weeks.

    So it is a waiting game now while I find documentation I think they will request in the upcoming letter she said I would get.

    I am going to go back through all the little peices of paper and see if I can find reciepts from the back injury over ten years ago and the onset of each illness that contributes and acts upon each other that I am claiming.Maybe I can find all the ER slips from when I was working to show that the job was increasing bills/illness and I have been better since quitting.

    I wish you luck in yours. Keep me in your thoughts as well. Maybe by the time they approve/or/deny me I will be able to have my business moving and can withdraw the application. I would rather if I can get my health in order and not need "the system"

    Lower and upper back demanding I get up now. I'll check in again.
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    I applied for SSDI in late June of 2002. I didn't receive a response from them until after Christmas. I attribute it in part to my slowness in returning their forms. I was dealing with my application for disability retirement at the same time and then my son had a medical crisis that completely took every bit of energy I had for about a month. I didn't get all the paperwork back to them until October.

    I received a denial and since then they have not sent more forms, only called and asked if I had been to any doctors. I go to my treating doc every few weeks, so they were going to check with him the last I heard.

    I find it interesting that they place deadlines on us, the disabled, who if truly disabled would have difficulty completing their mounds of paperwork on time, and then they take their own sweet time to respond to us.

    I hired an attorney last summer. Right now we are just in a waiting mode.

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    I assume you mean Sept 2002 was your filing date. Keeping in touch with the person who handles your claim is the best thing you can do. They are the one who make the yes or no determination. They have to use the medical info profided but do have some discretion. If they like you it does make a difference. They are just people. I told the truth and repeatedly said I would see any MD they wanted me to cuz I didnt want ssd I wanted "the fix" and just maybe whoever they sent me to might have a clue. I went to two Dr's and both were very nice to me. I will recieve my first check this month. They did have to send her affirmative approval to the regional office for review but it passed just fine. I am still hoping the find the big fix and not have to take any more checks but in the mean time it buy the groceries and pays the utilities. Oh yeah, I also filed in Sept 2002 but understand some offices are much busier than others. Good luck.
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    First I would like to thank you all for your replies. I am happy to know that I am not alone in fighting the system or it feels like a fight anyway. You will all be in my thoughts and prayers. I am hoping that my calling last week twice will have got the ball rolling again. I decided when I put my first application in that if I get turned down once I am going to get a lawyer to do the fighting for me or at least keep them on the ball. I still think that there should be a time limit on how long it takes to get a reply from them but that is just wishful thinking. You guys keep your head up there will come a day when this is reconized as a real illness and it won't be long. We just have to keep pushing for it and demanding it. Take care all and thanks for the warm welcome

  13. jeanderek

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    Would love to hear from those who are still fighting to get benefits as well as success stories thanks all!!!

    Best wishes,
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    Alteast you don't have to go through a county doctor to establish a medical history for your Supplimental Disability income, - or do you? The county doctor that I have no other choice but to see, has a disregard for both CFS nd FM, so she is saying that my symptoms are all due to psychological illness. Just wait, when I have money I will be getting a second, maybe third fourth, opinion from a non county run facility! That is what is happeneing to me. I filed my SSI application and got denied last July, now I have an attorney and she helped me file again in february , so now Im waiting again. I hear horror stories all the time about people waiting and waiting for SSI. Make sure you get your back payment all the way from the application where they denied you if applicable!