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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by museheather, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. museheather

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    Hello! Thank you all for creating such an informative and supportive community here.

    I have only recently started to figure out what is going on with my body. I've been working with my doctor in an attempt to get a diagnosis, which has been as frustrating as I've read in all of the articles and books I've found. I'm positive that FM is what I'm dealing with and reading things here has been reassuring that I am at least on the right track.

    Today, I've experienced some reoccurring swelling in one of my legs. It has happened before, on the back of the same leg a couple of inches above my knee. Last time I was very disturbed and wanted to rule out the possibility of a blood clot. The doctor had a fun time telling me there was no way that was the case... :) Still, it is a very odd sensation to experience this difference of swelling and a firmer feeling in that area in one leg and not the other. Has anyone else experienced something similar to this?

    Thanks! I look forward to being a part of this group.
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  2. Cromwell

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    You need to demand a doppler ultrsound on the leg to rule out and stop you from worrying.

    You could have a Bakers Cyst also. These are usually at the back of the knee and can hurt a lot and press on nerves and may need to be drained.

    Welcome to the board, it seems busy today so keep bumping up your post.(just type in bump)

    Love Anne C

  3. findmind

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    Lovely name you picked! Hope you enjoy our group, and we'll like getting to know you...

    I have large bumps where my tendons meet the joints of my knees...they look like big fatty, soft lumps. Is that what you're talking about? I've never had them diagnosed, but my dr. has felt them and said "Hummmmm" LOL

    I think it is myofascial tissue (you know that clear filmy stuff under the skin on chicken breasts?), that is supposed to thin/thicken according to what your muscles do...well, I guess mine doesn't do it too well.

    Devin Starlanyl, M.D. has books about FM that are so, so good. Help you understand exactly what your body with FM is doing under all that skin!

    Again, welcome to the board, try to have some fun with us, too... We love to laugh! some very funny people here, not usually me, I'm so serious a person, but I do love to laugh also.

  4. claudiaw

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    This is a great place for fun, info, diccussion, support, friendship and having other's that really understand what you are going through.

    it has been a God send for me.:)



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