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    Hi I have been reading post for a few weeks but have never posted until tonight. I posted under "What Country Is Everone From". I am 43 female from NC. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in Sept 02. I was lucky that I was diagnosed so quickly. I have been have some problems since 2000. In July 00 I had to have gall bladder removed and in Aug 00 I had to have complete hysterectomy because of tumors. Ever since gall bladder surgery I have had stomach problems. Dr said I had IBS in 01. I have tried around 20 different anti-dirreah meds but none work. I was really tired from those surgeries a month apart. I was still basically ok until April 02. In April & May 02 I had constant sinus infections. Dr tried 5 different antibiotics before it went away. In June 02 I was bitten by at tick. About a week later I had a real bad virus. Dr gave me 2 bags of IV fluid in his office. A week after that I started aching all over. The pain got really bad. I went to Dr. and her tested for lymes disease. It was neg. Then a few days later I started having bad chest pains and went to Dr. Heart rate was 162. He admitted me in hospital. They did more test for lymes and human parvo. Both neg. He sent me to rhuematologist (sp). She says I have Firbo and OA. I was really stressed by this point. Put me on Paxil 40mg to help me sleep. Did not work. Zooloft, effexier, xanax, anbien, nothing works. I sleep about 3 hours a night. From Nov to Jan has pluersy. Hospitalized for 8 days in Jan. Went back to work. I was a mortgage loan processor and credit analyst on hourly pay plus bonuses. I was paid well. Boss suggested that since I was out sick so much that maybe it would be better for me to be a loan officer instead. They got me a laptop so I could work out of my home. I was already licensed and had done it on the side. I trained my replacement. My last day in office was Mar 12. On Mar 18th my boyfriend of 9 years left me to move back to his mother's in Tampa Florida. I was devastated. He took our 8 year old lab with him. That dog was my baby. His reason for leaving was that I never wanted to do things anymore and that I only wanted to stay home. Well after working I was always tired and sleep alot. I thought that after I started working from home things would get better between us. But he did not give it a chance. He told me the morning of the 18th that he was leaving and left that afternoon. That sent me into a bad depression. I was already depressed some. Since he left I am not able to go anywhere but my moms and Drs. Mom lives in front of me. I own a mobile home which is paid for and on my parents land. I have around $700 bill a month. In order for me to make money I have to go out and solicit business. I just cannot do that now. I don't sleep anymore, hurt all the time, stay in a fog, can't remember things, I can barely write or type because my hands hurt so bad. Now my mom is having heart problems. She had a light stroke last sept. I am so worried about her. I know she worries about me. I try not to tell her things. I have a 24 year old daughter and 8 month old granddaughter. I feel like my life is so screwed up and I don't know which way to go. I had a phone appt with SSA last Thursday. They sent me the paperwork Friday that was computer generated from my statements. I was told to make any corrections and initial. They were several mistakes. On the remarks section they have typed in summary "I am unable to work because of multiple medical conditions including OA,tachacardia, panic attacks, chronic fatigue, IBS". They DID NOT even list my 2 main conditions wich is Fibromyalgia and severe Depression. I hand wrote them in and initialed. It also says "My disability began on April 24 03. That is not true. It began last year. I went to the office during week after Easter to fill in for someone and worked 5 hours one day and 2 hours another. That was all I could do. I have not worked since Mar 12. Can they use the date of those 2 hours? As far as them leaving out 2 main conditions, I called and was told that they can only put so many in due to space in computer field. Why did they leave out 2 most important? I am so sorry this post has become so long. I felt like I needed to explain what was going on with me in order for anyone to understand. I have spent almost all of my savings on bills and medicine. I have insurance but have to pay $145 through work for it. No LTD at all. I don't know how long I can keep paying insurance. My dad is helping me out some when I ask him, but I do not like asking for help. How long does it normally take for disability? Has anyone gotten it on the first try? I hope mine will get approved, but am not counting on it. Agian I apolpgize for this being so long. Thanks
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    to be dianosed so quickly. Maybe some in the medical profession are beginning to see the light. dolsgirl
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    Yes I feel lucky that it was diagnosed so quickly. I just wish they could find the right meds to help. My Family Dr. will try anything I ask about. They only pain med that helps ease pain is demerol and morphine patches. But the morphine patches made me really sick. The demerol almost knocks me out to the point I can't function at all. The paxil helped at first then after a few months it stopped. Then they took me off it and I had terrible feelings of being shocked down both arms and hands. This lasted about 2 weeks. I read that during a study of Paxil this was one of the withdrawel symptoms. It must have been because it went away after 2 weeks. I have tried flexrell, norflex, ultram, ultrecet, darvecet, and several others for pain plus lots for sleep but none works. Now my shrink has me on remeron for depression and xanax for anxiety attacks. It doesn't really help either. I don't know what to do anymore. I also have hypoglocemia (sp) which is awful if I don't manage it properly. My vision has gotten horrible in the past year. I have constant roaring sounds in both ears, severe vertigo that has taken up permanent residence in my head. Tried several meds for vertigo that did not help.
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    Hi Jackie, welcome to the board. I am so sorry to hear of all your mega problems, but do keep in mind that your health must come first.

    So take one step at a time, and I know all will work out for you.

    Others will share about the SSD, as I am not familiar with this.

    Glad you have found our board, and do keep us updated on how you are doing in all areas.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    I`m comparatively new here also but have you tried oxycontin and neurontin for your pain and klonopin to help you sleep? They have made my life livable.I also take a magnesium tablet with my klonopin at night.Just be sure and take the neurontin 2 hrs. before the magnesium. There are many very learned people on here and I am sure some one will have good advice for you. You really have "your plate full" as they say . My best to you, hope you get feeling better.Try and relax a little and take one thing at a time.
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    Hi there! Welcome to the board! This is a wonderful place to get LOADS of support and information. I am so sorry to hear about all of your problems that you are going through. It can be very overwhelming, I know. I have also just applied for Disabilty. I was told by some people to NOT put down that I have Fibro, since it is not taken seriously. I know that's a load of you-know-what, but, I just told them all of my other issues. I just stated that I had chronic body pain, depression, and a panic disorder. Hopefully it will work in my favor. Good luck to you, keep coming back to let us know how you're doing!!

    Big Soft Hugs,