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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by chellee, Apr 10, 2003.

  1. chellee

    chellee New Member

    Hi! I am new to this board and am suffering with this dd. Does anyone know of a doctor who is knowledgeable about CFIDS in the northeast ohio area?
  2. JP

    JP New Member

    Someone should be along to offer some advice. There is a good doc list on this site. I have not used it. I hope you find the support that you need.

    Welcome again!
  3. layinglow

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    Welcome to the board....
    Go to the top of this page, and click the purple tab that says "Doctor Referral." On the next page that opens click
    "Co-Cures Good Dr. List".

    Another way to find a Doctor is to go to one of the internet Search Engines, like Yahoo, or Goggle. In the search box type in, "Fibromyalgia Specialist Ohio", or Chronic Fatigue Specialist Ohio". You will get hundreds of "hits" to go through.

    Also you should check under support groups (top of this page, purple tab). Give one a call that is close to you and ask who they suggest as a doc.

    May be someone from Ohio on the board will see your post, too, and can offer suggestions.

    Best wishes, ll
  4. chellee

    chellee New Member

    Thanks for the info on the Cleve Clinic. I do go there and have seen Dr. Wilke. He is very knowledgeable about CFIDS but is more concerned with the depression than the underlying cause. If I may ask who do you see there?
  5. MissieM

    MissieM New Member

    Hi Chellee,
    I go to Dr. Len Calabreze at the clinic for my fibro. However, he referred me to Dr. Edward Covington in chronic pain rehabilitation and Dr. Salim Hayek in pain management for treatment. Covington's phone number is 216.444.5556 for an appointment or 216.444.5964 for his office. Hayek's number is 216.444.PAIN.
    These 2 doctors are wonderful and have been the real key to my success. I was put in both physical and occupational therapy. OT has "pain people" as they call them that have been a great deal of help. Ask for Edith Ocker- she was my therapist and specializes in chronic pain and fatigue. Dr. Hayek is doing more and more work with FM/CFIS. He controls my meds and gives me trigger point injections from time to time. He also had me try accupunture and set me up with a TENS/IS unit. Good luck!
  6. Tibbiecow

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    If you haven't already, please read my post on page 1 (right now) titled Another tip on finding a good fibro doc. It applies to finding a good anything doc. Good luck, and welcome to the board.
  7. Shirl

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    Hi Chellee, welcome to the board, just stopped to give you a big welcome as I see others have already helped with your question.

    Hope we hear from you often,

    Shalom, Shirl