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  1. Cureventurer

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    Hey everyone,

    My name is Jasmine, and I am 18 years old. I have suffered with fibromyalgia since I was a small child, but was diagnosed in 2001.

    I also have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Depression, and hives.

    My quality of life is low, and because of all the above medical issues I listed and other personal tragedies, I missed out on all the things that a normal teenager gets to experience (i.e. the prom,first date,etc)

    I hope to get some support from this message board from other people who know how it feels to suffer from something so damaging such as fibromyalgia.

  2. larry11

    larry11 New Member

    All I can say Is the people here on the board will comfort you and maybe you can get a lot of helpful advice as far as trying to make your pain the least it can be. We are all very sympathetic due to we all know how this dd will make you feel you are so young and I wish you the best. good luck and stick around Larry
  3. Jana1

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    I have never known anyone named Jasmine is a beautiful name.

    Welcome to the board...I hope you find many friends here, as well as learn some ways to help or cope with the FM.

    We are all at different stages of life and different stages of this horrible illness. thing we all share with each other is understanding and encouragement.

    I am glad to meet you! Jana
  4. 1horse

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  5. DLsGroovyMoM

    DLsGroovyMoM New Member

    I admit that proms and the like for were not so great but I guess I can atleast say I did I am very sorry you did not...I can tell you about how bad mine where if it would help any..hehe...I really am sorry!

    I know you will find lots of support and info a great place!

    I too love your name...beautiful.

    Love and hugs from your new family
  6. fairydust39

    fairydust39 New Member

    Welcome!! I'm sooo sorry that your so young and have been having so much pain. The only thing we can do is,give you our support and Pray for you. I have had hives before and they are usually an Allergic reaction to something you eat. We had a Mulberry tree in the back yard and every time I ate them --I'd get hives. Think of what you do different, for 24 hours or less BEFORE the hives come. That will be what causes them! You will be in my Prayers.
    Love Shirley
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  7. Pianowoman

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    Welcome. I think it is harder when one is so young. You must feel cheated that you missed some important events in your life.

    I hope you can find some support and information on this board.There are people here who have dealt with this for man years. Perhaps you can find something that will help you. Keep reading and asking questions.

  8. JPach007

    JPach007 New Member

    Hi Jasmine,
    You may tind that the folks you meet and talk to on this board will become your best source for support. I know they make me feel better when my husband doesnt get it, my boss doesnt get it, my co-workers dont get it...Everyone here has something in common with me, and they do understand.
    Looking forward to talking with you.
  9. Bambi

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    so young has so many health issues! It does make it very hard for your social you have any? My daughter was in her late 20's when she got severe with her FM and it's been hard on her.

    She only has 3 years to a pension since she's worked since she was a teen (now 33) and may or may not be able to make it that long. She also has had a harder time getting adequate pain control as they don't just deal with the pain but also look at how many years ahead you have to be treated. Since most things stop working at some point, they don't like to try things that do the most good,too young. I don't agree because suffering is suffering no matter how old you are! We are ALL just looking at one day at a time anyway.

    Try to listen to the things that help people that are self help things. Even if it helps for 10 minutes that's worth it. Be open to any pain relief you can get, no matter for how long. Listen to the advise about supplements and vitamins also. The main thing these doctors should be paying more attention to is that pain untreated or undertreated can lead to permanent nerve if a cure is found it would be too late for those nerves. I just hope you can find things that will keep your pain at a livable level, which makes everything in your life easier. We can't participate in our lives fully if we are in pain.

    Hang in there and NEVER give up hope.
    There is a better chance for YOU that they will find a cure in your lifetime than mine. I think they will! I agree you might want to ask your doctor to do some allergy testing to see if you are allergic to something causing your hives. Take care and keep coming back. Hugs, Bambi
  10. rbecca47

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    i am fairly new, everyone here are wonderful and have alot of info.i am so sorry that you are so young with this DD.
    hugs to you
  11. nataliedawn

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    hi, my name is Natalie, i have had fibromyalgia from a very young age too, as a result of a childhood illness at the age of 7. so i've missed out on a lot of childhood normal stuff, and never did any of the things normal teenagers did at that age. Ive had lots of other illnesses from the age of 7. I'm 33 now, still have to go to hospital appointments. i have fibromyalgia as a result of everything. it really gets me down. i am now finding it difficult to find a job that doesnt make my fibromyalgia worse (i was made redundant from my last job)

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  12. Joyce345

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    When I saw you posted the same day as me, I thought it would be nice to say Hello to a new person like myself. Of course, I can't imagine how it feels like to be so young and my heart goes out to you!

    Talking from too many years of experience, personal tragedies or health issues can REALLY affect you both mentally and physically. I pray, through all you read here, that you might gain a better outlook :)) It takes time and you've got your whole life ahead, so keep coming back to talk or vent. I was here for a little last month and met so many supportive people who will help you.

    Keep on writing and HUGE.....


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