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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fawng, Jun 7, 2006.

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    Hi all, I am new to this board, I have recently been in alot of pain. Doctors started to diagnose me with fm, but I don't think that they take it seriously. I have had alot of testing done recently because of lower abdominal pain and back ache, but body pain has been an issue for the last year and a half. Neck pain, knee pain, leg pain, you name it, it hurts, and did I forget the constipation!!!! Within the last two week I have had an upper gi, lower bowel exray, blood work, urine test. Set to have an ultasound Friday. Along with a consultation for sleep Ap. On top of all this I have no thyroid. Doctors can no explain the pain, but by doing a little research, look like I could be the poster child for FM!!!! In the meantime I am in such pain, any suggestion from anyone would be helpful, I already am taking flexirol (did I spell that right) just don't like how tired it makes me feel the next day. I am glad I found this board!
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    I take Flexeril, but also take two other painkillers and a sleeping pill. For me, Flexeril alone would not cut the pain.

    Maybe doc can help you out with all of the pain. I hope you have an opportunity to work it out.

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    Welcome to the board!!

    Just wanted to mention that a balanced magnesium/calcium supplement will very much help with the muscle pain as someone else said....

    But it's great for constipation too!! I think most of us take more than the recommended dosage.

    Hugs and welcome,

    Nancy B.
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    Welcome, and I hope you find information, helpful tips, and support here!

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    welcome to the board. You'll find tons of advice here. Many of us use supplements when possible in place of prescription drugs.

    for pain I have recently started taking Ultram and Relafen. They seem to be helping more than the others I have tried.

    Sorry for the reasons you're here, but glad to make your acquaintance.

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    I was just prescribed flexirol, but I haven't filled the Rx yet. Does it work? Do you like it? That's the muscle relaxer, right? Gah, too many to keep track of...