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    I have just been told I have FM as an added auto-imune problem to my Myasthenia Gravis (MG). Today I'm having a good day. Most times for the last 6 months I Just ache. Then there are days I know before I get up in the morning I hurt. On these days I feel Frail and tend to hunch my shoulders and do very little. The fatigue factor is bad enough with the MG, but adding this on top has been really bad. My poor house. My eyes are 'foggy'? Yesterday I got up and feeling well. Started to take the tree down, about an hour later my legs turned to water and I thought I wouldn't make it to a chair. My shoulders started to feel like lead and hurt. Is this FM? If this is as the Dr said 'beginning stages', what can Iexpect in the future?
    Thanks Bea
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    Welcome to the board. There are several boards at this site. See upper right hand
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    I don't have FM or MG. But If you don't find the answer here on the ProHealth boards (either here on the Health Board or the Fibro board), the website offers an individual Myasthenia Gravis Support Group and then Fibro help broken down into separate support groups as follows below, including a group for men, a group for teens and a group for families. You might find the answer there. Hopefully you may get help between all that are mentioned. Good luck.

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    It sure sounds to me like you need to ask the doc about ME/CFIS...the fibro could be a part of that ...but some of the things you are describing sound like ME/CFIS...I have both and am sitting here on the computer for the third night of nosleep because the pain (achy, esoecially in my ancles and knees tonigth) is so severe I can't get to sleeep....
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    I'm new too. On the board that is. I've had FMS many years. It changes, but doesn't cripple. At least not me. Stay as active as you can, eat right, take your meds and/or sups. Read and listen to the good folks here too. I don't know about MG so can't offer anything there. Sorry you feel so bad. Oh, and keep your sense of HUMOR! Watch comedies, uplifting shows, don't isolate yourself. Even if you fell too bad to go out, call somebody!