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    I am new here. I am a 52 year old SAHM. Right now I am in CA, after having lived in NC for 4 years. I am originally from NY.I was DX with fibromyalgia in 2007 after I had a slight car accident . In 2010 , I had first scoliosis surgery . In 1/11, I had neck surgery , having 3-4-5 fused. At that time, my surgeon had to go back in and do an emergency surgery because my spinal cord was being pressed against my nerves. My spinal cord was injured during that emergency surgery. Then in March, I had a broken rod. This was all in NC.In April, 2011 , we decided to move to CA for my DH's job. From my scoliosis forum, I found a wonderful surgeon at the University of CA at Irvine , who has done the best job for me that anyone could do. He did 3 surgeries on me in 2011. I am fused from C2 to my pelvis.I have been in constant pain since my surgeries. He have tried everything to help me. I am finally getting to see a fibromyalgia specialist at the University of CA at Irvine. I have an appt May 7th with her.I cannot wait to see her. I am taking Cymbalta and Lyrica , both at full maximum strength .
    I also have sjogean's syndrome and diabetes,
    Thanks for letting me join
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    Welcome to the board. There are several boards at this one site. See the
    drop down menu in the upper left hand corner. There is diabetes board.

    The most active boards are the Chronic Fatigue-Fibro board and the Chit
    Chat board. The latter provides some social life to those of us who don't
    get out much anymore. A good place to discuss kids, pets, TV, music,
    recipes, jokes, and those annoying neighbors. The porch and lounge
    threads have no specific topic. Just rattle on about whatever.

    I think two of the regulars on the porch have Sjorgen's.

    You've certainly had more than your share of back problems. That's the
    trouble with backs. The problems come back.

    I hope the new doctor you will be seeing can be of some help.

    I live in Los Angeles. Practically neighbors. Good luck.

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    I am so sorry for all you've been through. I'm glad you found us. As Rock mentioned, we have different boards. We love our Chit Chat Board where we meet up with friends. I call them my Online Family. The people on the Lounge threads have SS. I have it and am being helped by peptide injections. You can read more about them on the Fibromyalgia board and use the search function to read all the posts if you search on peptide.

    Love, Mikie