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Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by LW, Mar 25, 2003.

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    Hi People,
    New to Board, but not to CFS or FM. Am probably older than many of you and have suffered from CFS and FM for 24 years after a severe case of EBV in 1979. Got no support from medical community back then and was on my own to regain some semblance of health. Struggled and juggled my life(also had to hide my illness) in order to work for many years, then disease gradually started getting the better of me again about 5 years ago. Recently, things came to a crisis point and I had to get pro-active again. Am quite pleased to learn that now there are a few doctors out there who take this illness seriously and are developing effective treatment protocols. Now, I'm in the process of searching for a good CFS specialist and the best treatment protocols for me at this stage of my life. (I live in Central California if anyone has any recommendatons on good doctors). Will also be experimenting with Transfer Factor and other new supplements in recent months. Look forward to sharing information with you all as time goes by. Liz
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    Hi Liz,

    I have had Fibromyalgia since 1997, it has caused me to retire from my career. I have tried everything even Transfer Factor. I even sign up to sell the products. I used them religiously for 6 months or more because it seems it take so much time for our body to respond to any type of changes that we introduce whether is food, exercise, stress and prescription or alternative supplements. I finally got my sleep pattern in control, I have felt so much better but if I change anything it messes me up.
    Anyway, nice to meet you.

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    Hi Tricia,

    Did the Transfer Factor help you? I agree, it takes a while to test these things on our bodies. Did you have any adverse effects when you first started taking this stuff?

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    I am new too. I have FMS and MPS and CFS. I'm pretty much an invalid. I know nothing about Transfer factor...just heard of it now. I have stopped looking for medical help. I could spend us into the poor house and am currently without insurance, so I am on my own. I can honestly say that if I had back all the money I have spent at doctors and healers in the last 20 years, I suspect I'd be in the same condition I am now anyway. I do know that some people get help, but I have severe liver damage and can't tolerate chemical drugs. I get really despondent too often. I hope you find some help.
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    I am new here too and was interested in Transfer Factor. I did take Bovine Whey 3 years ago during my worst ever flare up of EBV/CFS/FMS. I did have good luck with a host of suppliments including the whey, but I was also on long term antibiotics which had been helpful in the past. So I do not know which helped the most. Within 6 weeks I managed to get some life back.

    I would like to hear more about what exactly is in TF. I also took immune building, bacterial and viral fighting suppliments along with acidophilus and b.bifida.

    Anyone else go down that road? Thanks!

    My sister lives in central calif. her doctor sent here down here in LA at USC for sarcoidosis, and that doctor said she had CFS, which he felt was a bigger problem than her sarcoidosis, which by the way got her disability...the CFS didn't. Amazing isn't it?

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    My understanding is that Transfer Factor is basically colostrum, or the good stuff in mother's milk, which builds the immune system. It is derrived from cows (bovine).

    Linda: you may have already been taking this without realizing it. I also have been taking "good bacteria" supplements, mostly to control Candida. So far, it has done that. But with regard to overall increased energy, I don't really see any there.

    I did try TF once or twice. Both times felt kind of crummy. So that's why I was asking people out there whether this was a normal response initially.

    I'm interested to know more about the doctor your sister saw who was diagnosed with CFS. Do you know the name of the doctor, by any chance?

    Good to hear from you and Carolyn.

    LW (Liz)