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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by unicornjojo, Aug 8, 2003.

  1. unicornjojo

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    Hi I'm new at this,but I wanted to post a note.
    I'm 43 and have been living with FMS for two years now. I was lucky and had a doctor that knows about FMS. I live with the pain and no sleep because I don't want to live on meds. My doctor is always telling me to take them but I don't. I have six grandkids and they keep me very active. I know sooner or later I will have to start taking the meds but for now I just won't live that way. Some days it really is hard to get out of bed, but my grandkids keep me going for now. Well I guess that all for now. Thanks for letting me talk.
  2. Dara

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    you found this place, lots of great information here. You have Six Grandkids?? I only have two, ages 3 and 6, and they sure can wear you out fast. I love playing and spending time with them, but by the time the day is over I've had it. Just can not do it anymore. Anyway, I'm glad you found this board and I hope to see you posting.

  3. Fibrolady37

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    Hi there,
    Just wanted to say hi & welcome,you"ll find a lot of useful info advice & support from all on here.
    Im so sorry to hear that you can"t play with your Gkids now that must be so hard for you.
    Just remember you have your memories from when you did play with them & they may be enough to make you smile & remember what you had?
    Here are some hugs for you (((((((((((((( hope they help.
    This site is a really good support for us & the people here really help & support you.
    Very gentle hugs to you (((((((((
    Its lovely to meet you
    sharon dawber (uk)
  4. tjlibby

    tjlibby New Member

    6 grandkids already at your age. I am 44 and my daughter is 15. I have pain pills but don't like to take them unless I need them. My head gets to dippy from them. Some people are in pain and need them. Good Luck, Grandma....
  5. averilpam

    averilpam New Member

    my sleep was dreadful, rarely managed more than an hour or two before waking up.

    I started taking a supplement recommended here called ZMA (look it up at the store at the top of the page and/or in the library)
    It has made such a huge difference, I sleep really well now most nights, don't wakee up so often. Sleeping better helps some people with pain, and also the main ingredient, magnesium is supposed to help with pain too.

    welcome to the board, Pam xx
  6. nancyw

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    Hi unicornjojo: Your screen name caught my eye - I collect unicorns. I know what you mean about the grandkids keeping you going. I'm 47 and I have three grandkids, two of them I see every day (grandson, Bailey is 6; granddaughter, Skyler is 2). I actually moved to be with my daughter and the babies; I just couldn't take the separation. I also have a horrible time sleeping and can't think properly because of it. I've been trying different meds since January of this year and nothing seems to help. I'm always too "wired" mentally and physically; I'm just not able to relax. Anyway, I live alone (exchanged husbands for cats - works better for me) and I enjoy being home alone sometimes, but I have the babies spend the night with me 1 or 2 times a week. We have lots of fun. There is something very theraputic about playdoh!!!!! This board has given me a lift many times even though I only found it back in January. Welcome aboard!
  7. Hinemoa

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    Welcome to the board!!

    I understand how you feel about not taking Meds but when you're in pain the body tightens and twists trying to relieve it's distress. This causes more pain and creates a very nasty cycle. There are many helps for pain and there is one that is right for you. You might want to give it a try.


  8. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    Hi JoJo, welcome to our world. So glad you have found us. I know what you mean about pain meds, I do not take them either, most make me more sick, or groggier that I am already am (sometimes), plus after awhile they don't work anymore or I have energy without the pain, then when they would wear off I was in excruciating pain. Too big of a merry go round for me.

    I have found some wonderful help here on the board. I take Pro Energy (Malic Acid and Magnesium Glycinate), and also a product for deep sleep called; 'ZMA' (zinc, magnesium and vitamin B-6), both work wonderfully.

    I have less pain, no spasms, no more RLS, and I am sleeping better than I have in a lifetime of being a Nighthawk.

    I have been living with FM for over 20 years, and I have less pain and am sleeping better now than in all that time, I took the sleeping meds off and on for years, with not much longterm help, and the pain meds I did not take too often or too much. I finally quit them all.

    The only prescribed drug that I do take is Xanax for racing brain syndrome once a day.

    Again, welcome to the board, hope you stay with us, and good luck with the grandchildren.

    Shalom, Shirl
  9. Lana56

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    Glad you are here.You will find the support you may need.I know medications are a bummer.We all do what we need for ourselves.Only we can make choices on how to cope.I am glad you have grandchildren to keep you smiling!Take care,Lana56