new to boards but not to pain...can you help?

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    tried posting once but think i did it wrong...anyway, i haven't done this before but am hoping that i can support others as well as gain support and knowledge for myself. have had FM all my life but was just diagnosed a year ago. also suffer from major depressive illness and on and on....

    i am so i have tendonitis in both achilles heels and have to be down for 3-9months with casts and a cane...i am too young for this!!! this is the most incapacitating illness i have ever had and i have had is unrelenting and exhausting, never letting up even for sleep. i am coping but barely. i am not one to complain alot and hide much of what i feel to my family and others because i know they either will not understand or will want to help and feel badly because they can't. then i feel guilty...this is ridiculous and after 16 years of intense therapy i should know better.

    what to do? now my antidepressants, i have tried them all, the last one, wellbutrin, is causing heart problems and i have to stop it...that leaves me with nothing for my ailing brain and not much hope either.

    am i in the right place? linda
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    thanks hayley ,
    i went to an orthopedic surgeon after 3 months of this recurring ankle problem praying it wasn't what i thought it ankle is very swollen but not torn yet and that is casted and the other is in a state of tendonitis and must be braced to walk on it...the pain is not excrutiating but it feels like my ankles are not altogether connectedl, if you know what i mean....i have thought about trigger points alot and think the ankles started the pains in the points in my calves although i hadnot thought of using a massager to work them over...i don't care if it hurts, if it helps...i have a spa which has jets that hit the exact area in my calves that you think that might help? so now, what to do...he wants me to stay off it for months or wear this brace/cast if i have to walk and a brace on the other one as well....i am essentially a cripple and wonder if he is right, although this is the second opinion from a doc. interestingly, on the same day as this diagnosis i went to the endodontist because of terrible toothpain in a root canaled tooth and after torturing me for an hour , could not find the tooth that actualy was hurting....for sure, trigger points although he is familiar with working on people with FM and today i am just exhausted and depressed from all this bleak news and wish i could see a silver lining....haven't looked outside yet or even gotten out of bed...oh well, thank you for helping :)
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    So very sorry you are having such a rough time. Just wanted you to know that I would say a prayer for you. Keep posting your questions, everyone here is so helpful. Too bad antidepressants have so many different side effects, but if you find the one that is right for you, it is such a relief. You said you have tried them all, I was just wondering if you have tried Cymbalta? I have not tried it yet, but my Nurse practitioner keeps saying how great it is because it treats the pain also. I am sure there are people on this board with more info. on it. If you have not tried it, ask your doctor. I pray for you to have a restful night. Kim :)
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    thank you hayley and kim. i wanted to say how much it touches me to know that out there somewhere there are people who understand this horrible dis-ease. Kim, i have tried cymbalta twice and both times could not live with the side effects. it is very effective against the pain of FM and i could tell the first day that it worked against that but the side effects were intolerable for me. i was very dissappointed as it had helped so much with the pain and i would encourage anyone to try it at least to see if it might be of some help. it is however, a very powerful snri medication for depression and so must be used under the care of a qualified doctor.

    i can see i have much to learn from this website and books that i have not heard of that i will get as soon as i can to learn as much as i can to fight this debilitating "condition". it would be wonderful if our government and the powers that be would throw a little money towards this illness instead of continuing to look the other way as if it is of no consequence to those who suffer from it.

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    Sounds like myofascial pain syndrome to me, there is one word for the trigger points. PAIN...However, I truly believe with the right treatment you can get some relief.

    I switched from my Primary care Doctor to a Chiroprator that is trained in Myofascial release techniques. It really has helped a great deal. My trigger points are in mt low back, and thighs with pain that radiates to my left hip and into my thighs as well as my lower left rib cage. My DC uses two techniques one of compression and streching, kneading out the knots. Relief is the only thing I have experienced. Yes I am a bit sore after, but at least I am not in agony. I am alos doing a basic yoga stess/streching for 25 minutes at home almost daily. It really helps to keep the muscles and bands stretced out. I have been able to decrease my pain med significantly.

    At night if you are having pain try massaging the back your legs and heel with peppermint lotion, it has help me with pain. Also drink tea at night before bed.

    Have you tried Magnesium or Malic acid. It has helped me a great deal. Check with you doctor first though, He/She really should know what is going on and what your taking. I hope these posts help you find your way back to the light, this can be one heck of a journey, I always try to look for the smallest bright side too. particularly when in pain and frustration