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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by BarrelKat, Jan 27, 2011.

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    Hello all!

    I was just recently diagnosed with FM, tho I have had doctors suggest it as a possibility for about 15 years. I have shied away from the diagnosis, until now. I have battled with Lyme disease for 20 years and that was bad enough. In the last 6 months my symptoms have reached a point where I finally had to quit chasing each one down and agree that they all traced back to one cause: FM. And then the week I got diagnosed my body decided to go into early menopause with a huge bang.
    I am having a bad day and decided since there are no support groups in my area it was time to reach out to the internet community. My husband, while supportive, has no understanding of what I am going through. He works out of town and I am lucky if he is home one day a week. We have 2 small children. (15 months and 4) Between them, 6 horses, and a house to keep up I have a reason to get out of bed every day, even when I don't want to. Like today.
    Thank god for a diagnosis. Now I can give myself a break. I don't have to be superwoman anymore. There is a reason I have good days and bad. There is a reason I can't run 4 miles every day anymore. There is a reason I can't get the whole house clean in a day without being exhausted for a week. I used to blame a lot of things on the Lyme, but it couldn't explain everything. It's nice to have answers. And it's nice to be able to give my husband a reason for why I just don't feel "peppy". Or I am a total slug.
    I just hate that it's going to be 50 here today, unusually warm in Montana for January. I would love to go for a ride. But the thought of even going outside hurts, much less the energy to try and get on my horse. They do give me a reason to get out every day (I have to feed them!) but I hate that I can't spend the time with them I would like.
    Very grateful to have found these boards and the suggestions here. Have already been taking some of the supplements suggested for other reasons, and noticed they were helping. I know the more I stay hydrated the better I do. My doctor prescribed Lyrica, but I can't afford the $162 a month right now. Once we hit our deductible it will go down to $65, and that is doable. So I just have to wait, and then see if it will work.
    Ok, enough rambling. Like I said, bad day. Needed a vent. :) Thanks for being here. Gentle hugs to eveyone out there.

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    ProHealth is a great site for helping you feel connected and informed. Enjoy getting acquainted with all the aspects of this site; you'll find it most helpful!

    God bless you in your FM journey; I hope you'll find treatments that work for you.

    (I only have 2 outside cats and 2 dogs, but I know what you mean about the blessing they are - getting us up and out!)


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    Welcome to the group BarreKat. The first thing I can say is dont feel bad if you cant be superwoman anymore. I was recently diagnosed with FM as well, back in June. Its a lot to take in and I have seen my doctor more times since I was diagnosed than I have in the last 15 years. I am taking Cymbalta, but havent been on it long enough to see how its going to work. Before Cymbalta was Savella and it did nothing for me.

    Take each day and do what you can. Dont overdo it because you will pay for it the next day or two. I too am in a wintery area at the moment and the weather wrecks havoc on my body. We have a snow storm coming in Monday night thru wednesday morning and I can already feel it. My legs are KILLING me.

    Keep your chin up and keep trudging along. I cant say it will get better, because it hasnt for me, but we all have our days.

    I used to raise Pomeranians and I am now in the process of trying to sell them all. I cant keep up with 7 small dogs and the puppies as they come along. I will be keeping a few, but the rest are up for sale.

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    (My daughter just got a Pomeranian puppy on the middle of January! We love the pup so much! She gets me up and out in the early morning!)