New to CFS but not the pain

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    Hi Everyone, I just can't tell you how it feels to finally not feel like I have lost (what is left of)my miond! All this time I have told these doctors how I get these flu like symptoms and get real weak sweats, can't get up, etc. just really feel like it is a slow death, and they would just look at me and take a blood test or 2 and then hope (I am sure) that I would get passed off to someone else as most often I did. Since this mess started with a work injury I fell into the dark hole of Work Comp and then as it went on and on I was sent to one specialist after another but I think becuase they knew I didn't have health ins. and I couldn't stay on W.C. forever they didn't see me long enough to even have a chart on me. Anyway, It just feels reassuring to know these symptoms I have been battling aren't in my head. I really have been having a hard time with my thought process and memory, I just can't remeber things and it is like I am suddenly dislexic, actually it is like my whole thought process is deslexic! Does anyone else battle this intensively? Thanks again for all of your help it is greatly appreciated. Hugs to all..Jyn
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    I just wanted to Welcome you! Did you finally get a DX of CF? I have the other FUN one...Fibro.The two diseases are very closely related~ The one thing I don't get frequently is sore throats. As for the mind thing.....we call it Fog here.Its terrible to say the least!! I'm always forgetting where I put things,always forget peoples names.I forget how to spell sometimes too.(so if you should spot any misspelled words....just shrug it off! LOL)How long have you been feeling ill?Did it take a lond time for the Drs. to figure it out?
    I went to 5 different Drs to get a DX!took them two years!!
    Glad to have you join us,and hope to hear more from you!
    Warm regards,
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    Hi Tracey, It took them an awful long time to finally spit the words out, And yes, I have had all the symptoms of FM as well. I was going to a rheumatoligist before WC spit me out of the system, who felt certain I had one of these auto-immune gigs but because of my situation he almost seemed scared to get involved and kept trying to get me to go over to county. He had prescribed Nuerontin and a thyroid med but the Nuerontin really escalated my blackouts and over all brain fog. That was back in 1999. So, yes it has been a long road, but it was the horrible bouts of pain and weakness that terrified me, and I could be carrying on a normal conversation and in the next breath start talking about something totally unrelated and out there, NOW that caused more grief than I can explain. Everyone thought for sure I had become some sort of drug addict, it still happens occasionally but since I started taking the Provigal I have been able to control that at least. But do we ever really have control of this? I have been doing a lot of reading and am anxious to try the ZMA and some of the other meds.
    Thanks for the note, Tracie, I know I ramble on but I hope I won't have so much to say once I get used to the idea I have landed among people who really do know what this is like!!!!!
    I wil never understand why this disease is such a mystery to doctors, my symptons have been so real all along, it hasn't been like I can't explain them. I just didn't know what they meant in the big picture of things, I have just been figuring sooner or later it is going to kill me when I am to sick to get up and go for help.! LOL I know that isn't funny but I have a realkly sick sense of humor these days. Thanks Again, HUGS......JYN