New to exercising with Fibro..does it get easier??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Suzan, Jul 19, 2003.

  1. Suzan

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    I have finally gotten serious about exercising. I am doing yoga stretches and walking in a swimming pool along with some aerobic swimming. What I am wondering is if you are an exerciser, at what point, if ever, does it get to be a benefit you notice. I have read things about less pain when exercising regularly, and would gladly work thru some of my pain to get relief in the end. I am trying to not push past my limitations, and work into all this at a gradual pace. Even though, to some of you, my regimine seems to be too much. I am handling what I am doing at this point. But, I am wondering if I can ever do more??? This seems to be all I can manage..and I don't seem to be able to increase the amounts of anything!
  2. tandy

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    Hi Suzan!! I started a mild pilates exersize tape about 8 weeks ago.Ya know how when you were well?(before you got sick)you could begin a program of fitness/exersize,and after the first 2 weeks or so you would feel the exersizes getting easier&easier??And you could endure more and not feel so winded!? well,even after all this time I still feel very sore and can't increase my time exersizing!!! I'm still doing the same amount as day #1. But.....I DO feel like i'm sleeping better, and falling asleep faster!!(thats a plus!!)and I just feel better mentally!!because I'm doing something...I'm trying to better myself!?make sense? So for me I feel its doing me good~but it has'nt gotten easier~
    Take care;)
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    I have always done yoga on and off, and my doc recommended it as well..and I know that I need to get SOME aerobic exercise in my day. I have a pool and have always loved being in the water, so I some swimming...and do a lot of treading water in different ways so that I move all my parts!
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    Sounds to me like your doing the excercising at a very reasonable pace, I agree with the other board memebers about pacing yourself and not overdoing it, otherwise a flare is likely. I usually walk 20-30 mins a day some days are easier than others, If I'm having a more difficult day I just do some gentle streching or Yoga (beginners) to lessen the stiffness. I have noticed that regualr excercise over the past several months has helped and my stamina is better than it was last year. I think your right on track, don't stop moving I haven't found that to be helpful, I usually just feel worse.
    Take Care,
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    I swim one day sleep and rest the next. Walk one day sleep and rest the next. If I overdo I rest and sleep two days. But I do feel better so I won't stop.