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  1. Luxuria

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    Hi everyone

    I just wanted to introduce myself to you all. I have been dealing with chronic pain for a year now. It started just in my head & neck area and I was diagnosed with TMJ after having a root canal...the dentist popped my jaw during the procedure. The last few months I started getting pain in my abdominal area but didn't have time to get it check out as it came on only a few weeks before my wedding (July 8th) Ever since then I have had this pain which has slowly spread across my back and my chest aches. I get very sore legs and arms at times too, my muscles just ache and ache. I have daily constant headahces too.

    My mom has had psoriatic-rheumatoid arthritis for 12 years. All her brothers and sisters and mother have one from of arth. The aunt I am closest to has Fibro and her son was diagnosed at age 22 (which is my age now) with rheumatoid arthritis, he is now 28.

    After months of seeing my doctor she thinks based on my pain and family history that I do have Fibro. The last 2 weeks I have not been able to get to sleep until 3 or 4 am then then will only sleep 3 or 4 hours.

    I have been given a perscrption of Amitriptylene starting with 10mg each night for 3-4 nights and then to increase to 20mg if I do ok on 10.

    I knew that I must have Fibro just given my family history but it is a huge thing to come to terms with just given my age alone. It is nice to finally have a face to my pain though.

    I hope I can gain some insight here. Looking forward to chatting with everyone.

    P.s. Nanjee, glad to see you here as well! This is TattooGirl from our TMJ site. :)
  2. Luxuria

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    :) Glad to see a familliar online face!

    I will have to take more time tomorrow to browse around the site. I am heading out soon with my hubby with a friend of mine and another friend of hers & mine from highschool who we have not seen since we graduated 5 years ago! I'm looking forward to catching up.

    To let everyone know, my name is Bekah, so feel free to call me by name.

    have a nice night everyone

  3. fieldmouse

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    Welcome!!!!Great place to be!! Mick!!
  4. lovethesun

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    I'm looking forward to getting to know you.Linda
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    Welcome Luxuria

    Anyone who is a friend of Nanjee's must be a wonderful person! Nan has been so great at making me feel at home here!

    I have FM and TMJ as well as many other symptoms that go with this condition.

    FM also runs in my family as well though not everyone has been diagnosed yet.

    I take amitriptyline to help me sleep. I take it about 8:00 pm so by bedtime I am able to sleep. It has been a big help to me. I started with 10mg and worked up to 30mg. I am sleeping much better and have a lot less migraines and pain because of the better sleep. I hope this medication works as well for you as it does me.

    hugs Redwillow

  6. Luxuria

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    Thanks for such a lovely warm welcome! I was sure surprised to see so many replies when I logged on today. You are all so kind, thank you so much. *hugs*

    You are all right, it is a lot to take in. I am hopeful that my medication will help. I'm very good at being patient and waiting for results though, haha. My dr. told me it could take 3-4 weeks before I notice anything.

    It is nice to be able to put a name to my pain though. Helps me to worry less. I have been getting pain in my lower abdominals (front and back) It started just on the front left side around June and slowly started so spread more into my back, down my legs and across my back. For awhile there I thought something must be wrong, ie. colon cancer, ovarian cancer, etc. I tend to get myself all wound up and worried over silly things.

    The pain really is the worst in my back, the muscles are constantly sore and tight and burn when it gets really bad. Anyone else get that? That is where the brunt of my pain is, lower back & abdominals. YUCK. I have started to get tingling in my left forearm too on and off.

    Luckily my family is very supportive and understanding. There are a lot of us in the same boat.

    I just got married in July (there is a wedding pic on my profile) so it is a big adjustment having this pain and being newly married. I feel bad for my husband sometimes because I dont feel like the girl I was when we started dating.

    I'm trying my best not to let this pain get in the way of my life and things I enjoy. I refuse to go down without a fight! :)

    Thank you all for such a kind welcome.

  7. Luxuria

    Luxuria New Member

    Thank you both Nancy and Jill, I am glad to be here.

    Jill, I know the logo you are talking about. That would make an awesome tattoo! And we're birthday buddies, how neat is that! :) A cousin of mine shares the same birthday, she was born 4 HOURS before me. Pretty cool.

    I have a logo tattoo actually. It was my very first one. It is Michael Jackson's initials, he made a really pretty logo out of them for his record company. He has been my favourite musician since I was 5 years old.

    I have a site on MySpace actually with pics of my tattoos.
    I also have an online photo album(s) that everyone is welcome to visit.

    We had a nice afternoon, hubby and I went with my parents to a pumpkin patch and got our pumpkins and spent the afteroon decorating the outside of our house. I will post pictures soon on my gallery.