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  1. newwith???

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    Was diagnosed 9 days ago. Started Savella far so good. Doc won't give me pain meds because I have cirrhosis (have never is from NASH or fatty liver). What can I do for pain? Having awful headaches.

    NASH (Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis)is fatty liver. The liver doc said I could take an occasional Tylenol...but that was before I found out about Fibro. I go to the liver doc in November. I am going to ask him what I can take for pain.

    Trying to read all I can and see what my options are. I work full time, so headaches are really a problem and working.
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  2. AuntTammie

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    savella and cymbalta are both SNRIs.....people generally do not take both at the same time

    low dose naltrexone may be something to look into.....check out the website for some good info on it (it temporarily blocks the endorphin production and then the body compensates by making extra.....this has been shown to be very helpful for many people for dealing with pain)

    vit D levels are often low in fibro patients and improving them can help with pain

    massage can help some - others find it to cause more pain

    heating pads or ice can help

    topical things like icy hot, biofreze, and capsasin cream can help

    some people find cherry juice helps a lot with decreasing pain and inflammation

    boswellia seratta is an herb that some people find helps

    tumeric (or curcurmin) has also shown to be very helpful for some people

    gentle stretching can help

    warm baths help some (others of us can't handle the heat)

    MSM is really great for pain if you can handle sulfur (some people react very badly to it and others have no problem)(same with epsom salts in the tub.....some people can handle these and others can't)

    magnesium and calcium can help to relax the muscles

    with almost everything, it is trial and error - what works for some won't work for others

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  3. ellikers

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    I really suggest reading up on information about chronic pain management. There are so many ways that pain cycles can be interrupted and people can increase their wellness and decrease problems with pain.

    These books are GREAT and have been really helpful to me and many other folks I know:

    The Pain Survival Guide

    Managing Chronic Pain Before it Manages You


    They all have lots of suggestions on lots of methods for managing and decreasing pain and are very comprehensive.
  4. Tizz

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    There are lots of people here with fibro who can relate to what you're going through and offer helpful insights and information.

    I'm sure there is someone here who can suggest alternative medicine painkillers that are NOT filtered out of the body by the liver, but by the kidneys instead.

    Excuse my ignorance -- but what does NASH stand for?

  5. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    Is a pain medication without the tylenol in it safe for you? there are other options if your dr. is willing to work with you. (if the tylenol is the issue with your liver)

    I'm glad to hear the Savella is working out so far - that's a good sign!

    Wish I could help more with alternatives. I need pain meds to help with my pain. Sleep, sleep, sleep, as little stress as possible is something I am working on every day as well.

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