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    I have had the symptoms of fibro for 9 plus years, but I was finally diagnosed last month. I was put on Paxil 10 mg in the morning and Elavil 10 mg at night.
    knowing my body and how I have grown to not tolerate new chemicals, foods very well, I started with the Elavil only. 8 days later I started the Paxil and felt like I had been tranquilized from day 1. On day 3, I had an "absence seizure" episode at work that had my coworkers freaked out. That was the last time I took Paxil. I have my next appt with my rheumatologist on May 15th to discuss the test results of the 9 vials of blood and 30 xrays they took.
    My dr, at initial visit asked me several times about depression, and I kept telling him I had HUGE issues with anxiety, but that I wasn't depressed, (I know the 2 usually go hand in hand, but I really wasn't depressed), but know I am. The 15th can't get here fast enough. My pain has decreased greatly being on Elavil, but maybe its because I am on restricted duty at work ( which is very physically active), or because I am to tired to do my usual physical activities at home and play - which in turn has already made me gain 10 pounds UUUGH!!!
    I just wanted to share with others that might be able to empathize my situation.
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    Hog4ya, I do empathize with you and the constant guessing game treating those with FM and other little understood illnesses go through in the medical arena. It can get downright depressing at times.

    Depression and anxiety do not necessarily go hand in hand. Most of us are not depressed, however we often will have anxiety. This is usually due to the autonomic nervous system releasing too much adreneline and causing us to feel anxious or tired but wired as they say. It's like our brain gets stuck and just keeps spilling adreneline. Unfortunately many doctors, even specialists do have not been educated on this subject and so when you try to explain they don't get it.

    Specialists who do understand it usually will tell you to try deep breathing a number of times a day, expecially when you feel anxious or tired but wired. Add to that some calming herbs and supplements or the drug klonopin or xanax.

    Looking forward to hearing about the results of your blood tests. But as you know after 9 yrs of dealing with FM, everything could totally come back normal.

    Sometimes going on a gluten free diet really helps. It doesn't help all patients but the ones who do respond, respond very well.

    Glad your pain has decreased. Hang in there.

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    My neurologist just had me try Elavil for migraines and fibro even though I have tried many other antidepressants. The first night I tried it, I woke up with my heart pounding out of my chest. Trazadone does this to me as well. I have tried many prescriptions drugs and all of them give me terrible side effects. The only one that doesn't is klonopin.

    I too tell my docs that I am not depressed but I do get anxious, especially when then pain gets bad and then I know that the sleep will be effected and then the cycle continues.

    So sorry that you are struggling. Stay in touch. There are lots of great people here to help you with your health care decisions....
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