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    i haven't been officially diagnosed yet but I am an RN and have done tons of research and feel that I am suffering from this disease, is it often GI doc feels it may be wheat sensitivity instead are these two often mistaken for each other, read where Fibro is often a by product of wheat sensitivity-( not celiac) just sens. Please write back!
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    Welcome to the board.

    I have not heard that these two problems are similar. Have you been to the
    FM/CFS board on this site. See the list of message boards at the top of the page.

    Good luck

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    I'd definitely head over to the Fibro board - lots of great info and support!

    All of the Dr.'s I've seen, believe that Fibro is a CNS disorder - something with our pain receptors.

    Fibro is not arthritis. No inflammation with Fibro. You can definitely have arthritis, but separate from Fibro.

    It may be true that Thyroid, Vit D deficiency may be a problem for Many. - but if treating those problems, and they do not help the Fibro itself - I believe that those are separate issues. A good doc should always rule out other conditions before diagnosing.