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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by woobee, Mar 14, 2007.

  1. woobee

    woobee New Member

    Hello to all, been reading and I am new to this fun thing they call FM and CFS. I am exhausted all the time, work in a high stress job, and am extremely tired all the time. Is there any vitamins or something I can take that could help me. I do have pain, sore muscles and there are really no doctors that really listen. Anything will be appreciated. Look forward to being with all of you.

    Good health to all.

  2. mindbender

    mindbender New Member

    I can't believe no one has welcomed you yet, So I'll do it.


    Any drugs discussed here would more than likely interfere with your job.
  3. revlcb

    revlcb New Member


    Research, research, research. And of course, ask away.
  4. Susan07

    Susan07 New Member

    Welcome aboard, you'll be glad you found us. There are some amazing people on here with plenty of knowledge.

    Also the site itself has tons of info. Check out the library and the doctor referral tabs. Plus the store has most of the ingredients you'll read about here.

    One book I like is "Fibromyalgia For Dummies". Laid out in an easy way so you can pick up, read a little, then come back to it.

    What is your insurance and doctor status? Where do you live? If you fill out your profile it would be helpful. If you don't find a doctor in the referral you can ask people here: "need Dr in Plano, TX?".

    I'm on an HMO and just started calling doctors offices asking the receptionists if they had FM patients. They'll let you know in a hurry if they don't want to mess with you. I have an internist and a neurologist.

    To get answers on some of your questions you can use the search box and it will pull up all the messages with say "vitamins".

    Take care and see you around!
  5. balletdancer74

    balletdancer74 New Member

    It's hard to say what will work for you as we're all different, and it's often helpful to hear about your symptoms in a more specific way.

    However, with that said, as others have asked, what doctor (s) diagnosed you with both FM and CFS/M.E.?

    What, if anything, have you tried already?

    Neurontin can be very helpful for weakness, nerve pain, spasms, joint pain and act as a migraine preventive. It's a hit or miss med. The biggest side effect which usually goes away within a few days is dizziness/drowsiness. So, many people can work and take it as it's an anti-convulsant.

    Lyrica/Pregabalin, Depakote, Topamax (can cause glaucoma or other eye disorders)...other possible anti-convulsants to help with certain types of pain, etc.

    A good infectious diseases doctor, GP who specializes in CFS/M.E. and FM, neurologist, rheumy (for FM more than CFS/M.E.), immunologist, etc. are good starts...

    Something to help your sleep is imperative: Ambien, AmbienCR, Sonata, Lunesta, Zopiclone (came before Lunesta but Lunesta is based on it), Rozerem, some antidepressants (be careful to take anything that will increase your serotonin ifs bipolar syndrome runs in your family - that means steer clear), etc.

    Muscle relaxants for pain and spasms: Skelaxin, Flexeril, Zanaflex, Klonopin (can act as a muscle relaxant), Baclofen, Soma, etc.

    Magnesium, potassium and quinine (found in tonic water) can act as natural muscle relaxants.

    If you have stomach problems and don't absord vitamins, minerals or food properly, I'd consider getting your vitamins/minerals via injection or IV. Can be costly, but if your insurance pays it's worthwhile in my opinion.

    B12 (can help with weakness/fatigue), B Complex, Mg, Glutathione, Vitamin C, etc. are key.

    Try to get tested for any vitamin/mineral deficiencies that you might have. There is no sense in taking something your body is not depleted in.

    "From Fatigued to Fantastic" by Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D. is an easy to read book with which to start...for both FM and CFIDS/M.E.

    There are plenty of good books. Check out Barnes & Noble if you have one near you since they have an entire section for CFIDS/M.E. and FM if you can believe that! :)

    And to reiterate what others have said here, check out the many articles, research papers, etc. that are in This is a great site filled with very intelligent and caring people...

    Warmly and you will find something to help you even though there is no cure yet...You're not alone!!

    LB32 (Leeza)
  6. Shalala

    Shalala New Member

    i am having a rough week ... hopefully i will be more sociable soon
  7. Ginner

    Ginner New Member

    I have had fms for 10 yrs.
    I take effexor ( antidepressant and pain relief) darvocet ( pain ) flexeril ( muscle relax)it really zaps me,I
    take it when I am really in trouble with pain and can go to bed and ambien ( sleep.) I sleep 8 hrs.with ambien, but I can not sleep unless I take it, so that may very well mean I am addicted. I need to try something else. I do know that it was a big turn around for me getting a good nights sleep. I had every pillow, hot pack, neck support, ace bandages I could get tied around
    Hope this helps, hang on there Woobee...
  8. Dodgechick26

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    First thing was getting a full nights sleep, the fist time i slept more that 3 hrs. I woke up and practically jumped out of bed. Second was taking a vitamin, i do the one a day all energy. Third was definately a different diet, low fat, low sugar, lots of fresh fruits and veggies, no caffeine, no soda, no red meat, whole grains. Weird I kno. But if i eat a donut, i fall asleep. Burger King puts me into a world of pain with a migraine and makes me supper exhausted.

    Hope this helps!

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