NEW to FM- What Meds have worked for you?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by gglands, Jan 23, 2006.

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    I just was diagnosed a month ago with FM. After every test in the book it is said that I have FM. Chronic muscle aches and fatigue are my biggest problems. I have really tried to keep up my exercise. I play tennis 3-4 days a week. I have noticed that taking flexeril at night and 1/2 ambien has helped along with rest. After a big weekend and being on my feet too long I am really bad today. I have full blown body aches. i feel like I just climbed Mt Everest with no rest. I do take prozac and I have for years. I am curious about elivil. Does anyone have any experience with medications that have worked for them. Any side effects?
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    A lot of people find ultracet or ultram (generic is tramadol) helps with muscle aches.

    I have a TENS unit that helps.

    I also enjoy a heating pad, or a heated chair.

    A soak in a hot tub (spa) helps me.

    I learned some stretching and strengthening exercises at physical therapy that I do every day, sometimes more than once a day.

    Keeping as active as possible.

    Good for you that you are still playing tennis :)

    I really like being in the water, it feels great. In the summer I have a pool I use.

    I take a good multi vitamin, magnesium, and omega 3 fish oil capsules. Some people take a lot of natural supplements, but that is all I have added.

    Cymbalta works for some. It is an anti-depressant that also works on nerve pain. The dosage differs for pain and depression. I tried it and it really relieved my pain, especially the pins and needles sensation and morning stiffness. I had to discontinue because of other problems.

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    I take elavil (sp?), 12.5 mg at bedtime. It hasn't given me any probs, but some people find they gain weight or something?

    I also take "epsom salt" baths...I dissolve two or three cups of epsom salts in my bathwater and soak for 15-20 minutes--so good :)
  4. JLH

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    After testing about everything on the market, I have settled on ....

    Cymbalta - I switched from Prozac to this and it really helps with the pain, too.

    Neurotin - a big help with the pain

    Zanaflex - I take this at bedtime. I like it because I don't wake up with any hangover effect.

    Sleep Study - I had one and found that I have obstructive sleep apnea. I now sleep with a CPAP machine and oxygen.

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    Hi and welcome. Getting the right combination of lifestyel and meds can be tricky. I'm glad you have meds that help with sleep.
    Exercise is important but it needs to be moderate exercise so try not to do too much in one day. That is one of the hardest adjustments to make. You probably need a good pain reliever too though. Ultram seems to help a lot of people but you may need something stronger. I agree with the Epsom Salts baths and the magnesium. Both help a lot.

    Good Luck