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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mkay64, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. mkay64

    mkay64 New Member

    I am new to this and was wondering if when you over do it like I did the other day house cleaning I have been so sore to the bone I cant move, I feel stiff, I hurt and all I want to do is sleep is this what FMS is. Thanks in advance.
  2. Nanie46

    Nanie46 Moderator


    You really need to find the cause of your symptoms.

    You may think this does not apply to you, but please read this:

    Many people here have later found they have this chronic bacterial infection.
  3. Picklington

    Picklington New Member

    Hello! Glad you've found us.

    On the really awful days I use my TENS machine - they work by using electrical impulses to block pain sensors and provide a really good distraction while you use it. You can get them from chemists or online. Mine was from ebay.

    Heat pads help a bit if I can't use the TENS machine. Or menthol muscle rubs are quite good for muscle tension.

    Some foods naturally reduce pain, like poppy seeds and cherries.

    I have made a lot of minor changes to my life and habits that reduce the effort required. Just little things, like having 2 laundry baskets so I don't have to separate my washing into light and dark, which is one less strain on my shoulders.

    Where is your pain worst? I'll let you know how I reduce my pain in those areas
  4. mkay64

    mkay64 New Member

    Right now the my arms and lower legs. I never thought about my TENS I have them for my back I will try that.

    I have been using the menthol rubs and they have been helping a little bit but it seems like that is all I do is put it on.

    I will try poppy seeds and the cherries (not a cherry fan) but if it will help.

    Thanks for all your help, keep it coming.
  5. mkay64

    mkay64 New Member

    I did test for this and it is not but thanks
  6. Nanie46

    Nanie46 Moderator


    I'm glad to hear you tested for Lyme, but did you know that Lyme testing is very unreliable?

    Many people who have Lyme actually had only negative Lyme test results.

    Most Dr's only do an ELISA (lyme titer, Lyme screen). It usually turns out negative and then they do not go any further.

    If they actually do a western blot, most labs only test for 3 IgM bands and 10 IgG bands, leaving out some very important lyme specific bands.

    It is sad because people depend on their Dr's to know what they are doing, but in the case of Lyme Disease, Dr's do not know what they are doing.

    You can read about this on page 7 of this paper by a Lyme expert...under the heading of "Diagnosing Later Disease" and "western blots". Dr B recommends against using the ELISA.

    A Lyme literate MD knows that a negative Lyme test should never be used alone to rule out lyme.
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  7. luigi21

    luigi21 Member

    If your've been diagnosed FM, then yes over doing it causes an aggravation of symptoms, yes the pain is awful and comes in many guises. Stiffness is a feature too, and fatigue (fatigue is a crap word, underestimated, more like an undescribable exhaustion). Thing is most of us who suffer Fibro do not 'pace' very well, having not experienced the word pace in our 'pre' fibro lives we tend to go hell for leather when we do have the energy and inclination and pay for it later. Warmth helps relax the muscles, i only use cold spray or gel applications after a massage and stretch, the cold acts as a distraction. Someone mentioned tens on here, yes that helped me in my first year but the affect soon wore off but i'd still recommend it. a shiatsu massage pad works for me, i can put a blanket over it if its too deep. You can also use a rubber ball to massage yourself, placed in a stocking (to stop it falling) you can use it between your back and the wall, to roll it around and massage from your neck to your buttocks, it will be painful but it will help tight muscles. Our muscles tend to get tight easily due to oxygen deprivation, and our over sensitive nervous system doesn't help with pain either, ie nerves work muscle, muscle tension causes pain. Yeah so, warm bath, or heat pads, then massage, (never stretch cold muscle it will make the pain worse), but after massage you can do stretches, and then apply your cold topical treatment or warmth again. Some nights i fall asleep with my heat pad on, it has a timer that switches off after 90 minutes. You haven't mentioned pain medication so i don't know if your on any. Hope this helps, keep in touch.

    all the best x

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  8. mkay64

    mkay64 New Member

    Thank you for writing. I havent done massages yet but I keep reading how they really work so I am going to do that. I told my husband you know it must hurt becuase I'm not a bath person more of a shower and I have been doing the warm baths and they feel good. I am going to look into a heating pad with a timer cause that would work at night.
    I am on pain meds they work ok.

    Thank you for the ideas.

  9. mkay64

    mkay64 New Member

    Can anyone tell me one that they really like with a timer. I have been looking on line and I would just like to get one from someone from the group who uses one and that way I would know I was getting something good for my money and my body.

    Thanks in advance.

  10. misskoji

    misskoji Member

    Hi mkay and everyone.

    A great alternative to heating pads are Elasto Gel products.

    We have these in our store here

    I own all three of these and use them frequently. I love that I can alternate between heat and cold with them. They can be used on other parts of the body as well.

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  11. Saoirse3

    Saoirse3 Member

    And what I learned is this:

    Once you have a diagnosis, don't let the doctor try and tell you that EVERYTHING is "just your fibro acting up". I could have gone in with my leg under my arm and bleeding all over and he would have told me that.

    Don't let the doctors talk you into a lot of crap medications that are going to make you worse. I believed everything my doctor told me and that all the meds were "good for me". I now have drug-induced hepatitis. Before you put it in your mouth find out EVERYTHING about it, and not from the manufacturer's website. They WANT you to take their stuff. They couldn't care less about you, your health or the side effects. They'd sell you a bottle of sand to make a buck. There are some good meds but the name of the game is to take how much YOU need, not how much your doctor thinks you should have. Start slow. If it makes you feel rotten, don't take it. Your doctor works for you, not the other way around.

    Exercise in moderation, even when it hurts like the dickens. So it takes you 20 minutes to walk from one room to the next. You're not in the Iditarod! The exercise police are not going to come and arrest you. But DO keep moving.

    Have your liver panels checked every few months if you are on opiods. Watch blood counts too.

    Your family and friends may or may not be supportive. They'll give you articles, tell you they know a "cure", tell you it's all in your head, you're just lazy, if you did this, that and 40 other things you wouldn't be in pain. Tell them politely to stuff it! YOU live in your body, nobody else (I hope, otherwise you might want to contact Stephen Spielberg! LOL!)

    Remember your sense of humor!

    And also remember you are NEVER alone. God is always, always with you and doesn't mind if you gripe, whine, cry and complain!

    Soft hugs,
  12. mkay64

    mkay64 New Member

    I will look into that thank you so much for letting me know about that.

  13. mkay64

    mkay64 New Member

    Thank you so much for your post it made me feel so much better and made me laugh a little and not to take things so serious for a minute.

    You are right about everything and I will just have to remember it.

    Thank you again

    Mary Kay
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    It is common to overdo and then crash. We have good days and bad days and on the good days, we often forget that we are sick and can't try to do everything in one day. We will pay for it later. I have a "Rule of One Third." On good days, I only do 1/3 of what I feel like I could do. That way, I get some things done but don't overdo it to the point it puts me back in bed with pain and exhaustion.

    Love, Mikie

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