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    My husband has been suffering from what we believe CFS for many years. He has been treated for depression, anxiety, not sleeping at night, sleeping too much during the day, exhaustion, fatigue, headaches, etc. He has been to an internist, cardiologist, pulmenologist, psychiatrist, psychologist, rheumetologist, sleep doctor... There seems to be no answer other than more drugs. They have taken 100s of blood tests and other tests with no real results, and they are basically saying it is all in his head.

    He is 61 and just retired (mainly because he has difficulty going through the day without being dog-gone tired). He tries and want to do more, but can't seem to do it. Yes he is depressed but is he depressed because he is so fatigued or fatigued because he is depressed.

    I've been reading and trying to research and wheat I read seems to point to CFS. We would like to find a doctor in our area (middle GA) who understands CFS and help him through this.

    He wants his life back.
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    I don't know of any Dr's in your area that specialize in CFS, but I do know that there are some things he can do to help if that really is what he has even if they haven't diagnosed it.
    Magnesium is a huge one, I know that people who suffer from Fibro/CFS are always very low on this vitamin and when supplemented they see a huge difference. Sounds like with the blood tests they have cleared him from Lyme disease, so I agree with the other poster - have his thyroid checked. It can cause a lot of similar symptoms as CFS. Until then, don't be afraid to just get new specialists. I went through 7 years of miss-diagnosed and without self advocating I am not sure I would have ever found an answer. This is not to say he will be like this for that long - I am just a firm believer in questioning answers and trusting your body.
    Good Luck...
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    Sounds familiar.

    Many people who have been diagnosed with CFS or FM, later found out the cause of their symptoms were tick borne infections like Borrelia burgdorferi (lyme), Bartonella, Babesia, Ehrlcihia, etc.

    The tests for lyme are very unreliable. Many people with lyme have only had negative test results.

    Unfortunately, 99% of Dr's use only those tests to rule out lyme, which is wrong.

    Please read this information carefully, it contains good symptom lists too:

    Get a Dr to order test #188 and #189, western blot IgG and IgM from Igenex lab in CA. Prepay with credit card or check (they do accept medicare).

    Even if the result is offically CDC negative, get a copy and compare the individual band results to the info on western blot results on page 7 of this paper:

    and also compare the band results to the info in this lyme literate Dr's info:

    Also, go to on flash discussion.....sign up for free......go the the Medical Questions board and read posts and post your questions. also has a Seeking a Doctor board where you can post to find a Lyme literate MD near you.

    There are many people on who have the same story as your husband.

    Many people on the CFS/FM board here, have also found out they have lyme and the common coinfections that are often found with it.

    Good luck!