new to guaifenisin..what to expect?

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    I have read many posts about guaifenisin, and frankly all the talk about herxing was scaring me off from trying it. I didn't want anything making me feel worse than I already am. I visited my primary doc's partner recently who suggested that I try it. He prescribed 1200mg twice a day with plenty of water.

    Since taking it I have an increase in generalized muscle pain, and more headaches which seem to be caused by muscle spasms in my neck. Are these symptoms to expect when first starting gaui? What symptoms shoud I expect when first starting? How long of a trail period should I use? The doc said give it a month. Any words of advice would be appreciated. I know I could do a search on guai, but it will take a long time to weed through it all. Thanks.

    Also, it was interesting to note that neither the doctor or the pharmacist said anything about avoiding aspirin while taking this. Occasionaly I take one Excedrin for the bad headaches. This contains aspirin. If I continue to do that, how much does it negate the effects of the guai?
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    Sounds like your doc has absolutely no idea what he is doing. Please go out and get Dr. St. Amand's book, "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About FIBROMYALGIA." There is a whole lot more than just aspirin which you need to avoid. Also, 1200 mgs twice a day is four times the recommended starting dose of the Guai. It could put you into the flare from hell. Most docs know nothing about the Guai treatment and it will be up to you to know the protocol and adjust the dose. BTW, even if the tablets are time released, they can be safely cut.

    This is not an easy treatment and you will need to go through all your personal care items and rid yourself of everything which contains sals. There are saf free websites which you can access, but you will definitely need to read labels for everything you use. The book explains all this. This should be done before starting to take the medication.

    A low-carb diet will help as most docs, including Dr. St. Amand, have discovered that many of us are hypoglycemic.

    Technically, you will not Herx as Herxing involves pathogen dieoff. The Guai will cause flaring as it starts to removed debris which has been stored in the soft tissue. This debris is in crystal form and hurts when it is pulled out to be excreted through the kidnesy. Start out at 300 mgs twice a day and if you flare, that's your dose. If two weeks pass and you don't have a flare, up the dose to 600 mgs twice a day. Almost everyone will flare at that dose. If the flaring lasts longer than two weeks, cut the evening dose back to 300 mgs. Keep tweaking the dose until you have little flares with feeling relatively well in between.

    The Guai has to be taken for the rest of one's life. After the debris has been removed from the soft tissue, one can go back to the 300 mgs. twice a day for a maintenance dose.

    Trying the Guai treatment without reading the book, understanding the protocol and dosing, and eliminating all the sals will almost guarantee failure of the treatment.

    Now for the good news. I've been on the Guai for two years and am up to 2400 mgs a day to hasten the reversal. I almost never have to take anything for pain anymore and I used to be on Morphine for my pain. My fog lifted almost immediately after starting the Guai. The mucus and blood thinning properties of this med help with sinus problems, respiratory problems, and help when trying to clear up infections. Good luck. Read the book and then ask any questions you may still have. There are a few of us here who will be happy to answer them.

    Love, Mikie
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    Obviously I can't start taking guai willy-nilly. The doctor who prescribed it, my primary care docs partner, was the first to even suggest this medication to me so I thought he knew what he was doing. I guess this can be another one of those fibro treatment experience stories.

    I will get the book as you suggested and educate myself about this med. Your response about the cellular debris being excreted through he kidney did make me wonder if this treatment is hard on the kidneys. I only have one--my other one was surgically removed a long time ago.

    I appreciate your response..thanks again.

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    Go to Dr. St. Amand's website and send an e-mail to Claudia, his nurse and co-author. Tell her about the kidney situation and see what she has to say about it. She is usually pretty good at getting back to people within 24-48 hours.

    My guess is that if it is OK to go ahead with the Guai that it might be wise to start out slowly and see how you are affected. I've had so much of the debris excreted through my kidneys that I could see it collect in the bottom of the toilet. It also causes a unique odor to the urine.

    Good luck.

    Love, Mikie
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    ok. thanks again.
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    This is very useful stuff. Starstella, none of my docs has ever mentioned the connection between Guaifenesin and Salicylates either, except for one of my chiropractors who had read St. Amand's book - and loaned it to me.