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    Right out of the chute - I apologize for the long post.

    But, I have a FM success story! Kind of. As an infant, I sat on a needle (now you know why my login is what it is!). This wasn't discovered until my teens, and nothing was done about it until I was 39. In the interim, I was diagnosed with FM, and was nearly suicidal. If I could've gotten up off the couch . . . I would've done it.

    Anyway, as an EXCUSE to get some rest, I decided to have the needle removed from my back end. Long story short, the needle had broken, traveled, and was lodged in a ligament that had swollen and completely crushed my sciatic nerve. The nerve had begun telescoping back onto itself. Once the surgery removed the needle fragments, my FM symptoms have 99.9% disappeared.

    I've spoken with probably 10 or 12 other FM sufferers, and all have had some major nerve involvement at one point or another. . . multiple births . . . car accidents. . . tumors pressing on a major nerve . . .one had broken her tailbone numerous times.

    All involve some type of injury to the nerve. I see now that MRIs have pinpointed a problem at the base of some folks skulls, and others have spinal cord problems.

    Have any of you had major nerve involvement like me and those few I've spoken to?

    So now my teenagers call me "scarbutt" and I'm happy to join them in a game of tackle football to show them who's still boss!
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    First, welcome to the group. Your post is very interesting--but your story sounds pretty harrowing!

    I haven't experienced anything involving injury to a nerve from external sources, but I have multiple sclerosis, which involves damage to the white matter of the brain and spinal cord. The latest MS research also indicates that MS can damage the nerve cells themselves. So although I haven't experienced any neurological injury, I do have some neurological damage.

    I know that others on this board have described accidents that seemed to be the starting point for their FM. And a while ago, I recall seeing an articl at this web site about traumatic brain injury as a triggering event for FM. (You probably can find the article in the library at this web site. Sorry, but I don't recall the title or author off-hand. Mayber somebody else on this board will mention it. If not, and if you can't find it, let me know and I'll try to track it down.)

    --Laura R.M.
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    Hi Needle, what an interesting story. Very glad to hear that you have found your problem.

    I have not had any problems in that area, the only thing happened to me was a bout with pneumonia, and a slight concussion years ago.

    Glad to have you join the board, and for your interesting discovery............

    Shalom, Shirl