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    i have fm/cfs and usually post on that board. after getting no result from treatments with my primary doc, i ventured out to see a neurologist.

    i have already had the mri he ordered, waiting on results. but he alos ordered a lyme WB along with other blood work.

    my question there a series of tests or just one to confirm? it suprised me that he ordered the test of lyme because i was thinking perhaps i might have MS.

    he diagnosed me with encephalopathy (unspecified) and dizziness. although he was aware that i had multiple, multiple symptoms he was more concerned with the cognitive part.

    another of the physical tests that he performed had to do with my eyes. with both eyes and each eye separate, i had to tell him how many fingers he was holding up. i noticed with my left eye, i wasn't able to see all the fingers (like something was blocking my line of vision) is this a symptom of lyme or what?

    looking forward to your replies

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    What Lyme Lab will be doing your test? Igenex in Palo Alto?
    Ya know, you CAN have LYme without the WB indicating it as
    such. There can also be a "clinical diagnosis" or one in conjunction with the Blood Test.

    You may also have Lyme without any memory of a "tick bite".
    Lots of unknowns with this bacterial disorder as well as
    varieties of symptoms. Your eye problem may or may not be
    related to possible Lyme.

    Have you attempted to get info from other sites as well?

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    thanks for your reply...sorry i wasn't able to get with you sooner

    my test will done at CPL(Clinical Pathology Laboratories) in austin tx. i do have other indications of lyme. my neurologist did not speak of lyme particularly, i just noticed he was checking for it along with other lab tests, mri and eeg.

    i have looked into other sites as well. i am amazed at how much in common lyme has with fm/cfs.

    i have had so many tick bites throughout my life. i was raised in the country adn have lived in the mountains as well. my doc did ask me if i had ever been biten by a tick before, but didn't go into any discussion about it.

    he was also concerned about nipple discharge that i have had for quite some time now. i had seen dr's for it twice in which they ran mri(normal) looking for pituitary tumor. i notice it is also a symptom of lyme...interesting!
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    Hope you had a good weekend. Has your Doc likewise run any
    blood tests for VIRAL INFECTION(S)? They likewise can exhibit
    many of the same symptoms. Furthermore, it has not been unusal
    for people to have been diagnosed with MS, ALS, Lupus etc.,
    only to find out years later the problem was LYME.

    I might suggest that you check your local library "on line"
    for any books available on the subject of LYME. I found a
    few that are at my "MAIN" Library, ifin' I can get up the
    energy to go down Town! My 31 y.o. Daughter has had Lyme for
    about 12 years. Thankfully, one of the early research Docs
    on the subject lived in our Town in Northern Cal and thru
    early intervention , helped stem the disease.

    There is so much to know and understanding is gaining hold,
    but the unknowns are still out there to be unraveled.
    I believe that I've had the disease lying dormant for about
    30 years, from the time I lived in the Sierra in the '70's!
    I too am just starting to address the issue.

    Stay in Touch, "K"?
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