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    Hello Everyone! I'm a newbie here and I'm happy to meet you!

    I have FM. I was diagnosed in 1993 but just dealt with it as best I could because no one had ever heard of it. Of course when I told them back then that it was brought on by stress, you know the reactions I received!

    Anyway...the past year I have been trying to get some relief from it instead of just living with it but it has just gotten worse! I'm am off work without pay at the moment but the stress and activity there make it so much worse...even though it is "sedentary" work, the stress level has made me nuts! My Dr. has said he can do nothing more for me and so has the Rheumatologist. I told him that I couldn't return to work because I just cannot handle it day after day right now. He said the only way he could keep me off was to get me scheduled for a Functional Capacity Evaluation which I'm scheduled for next Monday from 1-5 p.m. It must be some test...since it lasts 4 hours! I've read that it doesn't show FM correctly since we have the delayed pain and stiffness; however, when they scheduled the test at the Drs. office, they told the testing people that I have FM. So, I'm hoping that there is a special part for FM.

    Has anyone ever had this test performed on them? I am so excited to be getting this test because I'm hoping it will "prove" my symptoms to everyone. I want this test! However, I am discouraged about the info I've been reading on the shortcomings for FM people.

    Can anyone tell me anything about this?

    Thanks in advance and nice meeting all of you!

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    I know nothing of the test, but if you think you have FM I would see the rheumatologist first. That's only me. Mine is treating me for FM.

    The test you are going to have may be somewhat taxing, so every second you feel a pain or a strain: let them know about it.

    And if you feel something may be hazardous to your health/like bending or stretching a certain way: let them know.

    Hold nothing back is my motto!


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