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    i am 38 years old and was diagnosed with fibro. three years ago. I also have terrible costochondritis and was also as of three weeks to be exact diagnosed with gastroparesis. I had a hysterectomy seven years ago and stopped taking premarin due to headaches. I know my dr. said a lot of my symptoms could be hormone related and wanted me to go back on hrt i was wondering if anyone else is in this situation and if so what HRT they are on. I don't know if it would help but i would try if i knew others had success at it and at what dosage. I have tried the patches and couldn't tolerate them because i developed a rash. Also if anyone experiences vertigo as a symptom of fibro. I would love to know if that is a fibor. symptom I sometimes feel as if i am going to fall over other times the pain is so bad it hurts to take a step. I have become very sensitive to medicines so it's difficult to find ones that work. If anyone suffers from the costochondrtis as a symptom of fibro. does anyone know of a topical antiinflammatory i could use as i cannot take any NSAID because of my stomach. Its very hard to find answers and i just now found this site. I feel like i am 90 years old (acutually i am convinced at times that any 90 year old does feel better than me). I would love any advice on treatment options or information i could try. Thanks so much. S.R.
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    I have more CFS thatn fibro, but wanted to say "hi!". I'm sure you will get some answers to your questions. Another way to get info on this site is the "message search" button at the top of this page. Type in your subject and it will bring up past posts. I know that costrochondritis is VERY painful. Hope you are feeling better soon. -Karen
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    Hope you get this message as I'm slow getting to read all the posts. I also have costochondritis (as well as others). I do agree with doing a search as many of us have discussed costo in the past. I use the heating pad a lot during the day. Some people swear by those heat patches you can purchase at the drug store. At night, I rub in either Super Blue Stuff or BenGay to feel some radiating heat. I have had costo for years and to this day, can't find a dr who knows much about it. My rheumie says it's an arthritic disorder--who knows! Many with fibro have it.

    Never took hormones as estrogen did a number on me with headaches and making my asthma go haywire. Started perimenopause at about age 42 and now at 51, I'm two years postmenopausal. The peri days were awful, but I can say I feel a little better now. I guess there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Still have some hot flashes and the vaginal dryness is bad. I use the Estrace cream but can't tolerate any pills. Now, with this scare I'm glad I fought it without HRT.

    Hope this helps,