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  1. steeleraine

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    Hi everyone. I have been reading and reading and trying to help myself. I have doctors: a rheumy and family. The family doctor really doesn't seem to care what is happening. I have had fibro for about 5 years now, and migraines for over 20. Recently, I was told I also have osteoarthritis. Ok. I can deal. I'm working (or trying to keep my job and miss as little days as possible). So why am I writing. The migraines have increased to such a frequency that I have few days without them. The insurance has decided that I only need 8 pills (imitrex) a month. And the doctor is too busy to talk to me and too busy to write the necessary letter. I live in a small town...I travel 1 hour to the rheumy. I am so frustrated and in so much pain I feel like crying all the time. I must admit...the headaches are winning. I have asked for a referral to a neurologist and have waited 2 days so far for an answer. I am not a quitter. But I must admit the last 3 months have been extremely hard. I could go on...but why? I know I'm not alone...I guess I just need to continue praying...
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    I had headaches for 2 years before I got diagnosed with fibro.I'm with you,headaches are something that are very hard to live with.I can stand pain anywhere else,but a headache will bring me down to tears quickly.I've often thought that the door in the Drs. examination room should have a lock on it so we can lock him in until we get done talking. LOLOL
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    way out of hand. First of all, I have no health coverage and can't afford any "real" medical care.

    But this insurance thing where they will only allow you so many pills a month, etc., is becoming epidemic. We first noticed insurance companies balking at everything early in our marriage ( 16 yrs ago? ) and since then I read it everywhere.

    I have had a headache every day since coming down with this CFIDS/Fibro or whatever it is.

    I feel as tho doctors ignore, the "system" doesn't care - that's why I sign up on everything here that someone does such as survey or bio just in case someone on up the ladder might read what we all have to say and maybe DO something about it.

    I feel so frustrated for folks like you that I just want to stand on the roof and scream but don't have the energy to even attempt it.

    My prayers will be with you today.

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    I am new to this site also. I have another doctor appointment in an hour and am also hoping for some sort of relief. I have not been diagnosed with FM but self-diagnosed myself. I am no longer working and have pain everyday. The pain is either bad or never goes away. I am so tired of complaining about it and I am sure my family is too. Your discription of your life in your message is mine also. I have headaches almost everyday. Some of them are so bad that I just hide away and cry. There is no relief for them. The only things that seem to help me so far are regular massages (those don;'t help much anymore) and a drug called Artridol that you can only get in Mexico. If I take that drug...I have my life back. It is filled with Muscle-relaxers and steroids. I ahve been told if I take them adrenal glands will shut down and I will die. Hmmm...lets see ...a long painful (non)life...or a normal painfree short life with the drugs.

    I have been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in my neck by my chiropractor. Atleast he has a name for something. Doctors just think I am a whiney woman...and give me Tylenol/codeine. Then they ask if I am depressed....well hell yes! because of the pain. Not in the sense they are asking. I wish I could be taken seriously. Anyways...I know what you are going through.


  5. Nikki

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    I was bothered with lots of headaches in my younger days (I'll be 58 in August). But, when I was 39 and dx'd w/MVP, my doctor put me on proranolol (inderal) which not only alleviated my MVP symptoms but it also helped with my headaches. Recently my oldest son began having the same symptoms . . . same dx (MVP) . . . and his dr. recommended inderal for his headaches. If you haven't tried it, maybe it would help. It's relatively inexpensive compared to other drugs. I understand that this med is given to people with stage fright because it also has a calming effect.

    Good Luck.............Nikki
  6. steeleraine

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    I have tried inderal. I have tried high blood pressure medicine as preventitive. I have tried anti-seizure med as preventitive. When I was 24 I was put in a psych. hospital against my will...they said it was all in my head. It was, and is called PAIN. At that time, I was marrried to an emotionally abusive man with 2 babies and having MIGRAINES!! I have vomitted in every parking lot in several cities across America. And have so many drugs I've lost count. WITH ALL OUR TECHNOLOGY...I MEAN WE SEND PEOPLE INTO OUTTER SPACE AND THEY RETURN (SOMETIMES UNHARMED!) SO WHY CAN'T THEY HELP PEOPLE WITH MIGRAINES! I think I want to try the botox injections...I've heard they may be the answer to the migraineurs prayers.

    The pain of fibro is bad enough, the pain of TMJ, and falling and saying the wrong word or getting loss on my way home from work...these are all bad, but when a migraine is added to the mix it is....I don't know....depressing!!!
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    Dear Steeleraine,

    I have fms, tmj and endo. I am currently under a pain
    specialist's (she's terrific) care. She has prescribed vicodin for muscle pain and trigger point injections at the back of the head. I suffered with migrane, tmj and stress headaches. One would trigger the other. I had two injections last fall and I will be getting two more in a couple of weeks but they helped more than the imitrex or tmj brace. They helped more than anything else I have ever tried. Please see if they might be helpful. They are around
    $300.00 each so hopefully you have insurance.

    Good Luck,
  8. steeleraine

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    I have tried the trigger point injecitons....had a very good doc in In. and had those several change! Infact I had an allergic reaction to the persevative used -- so they ordered some without the perservative...still no good came of it. I did miss more work though 'cause the injections caused me to have lots-a-lumps! I've even had acupuncture with and without electricity! Ive come to the point where removing my head is the only viable cure to headaches! LOL