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    hi everyone. I want yall to know that this site is awesome. I have found the best info on fibromyalgia on this site. I have told i have fibromyalgia. I never thought much about it until recently. I have been in pain for a long time until now it is inteferring with my work and personal life.

    I have gotten off klonipin ove 2 yrs by switching to valium and titrating over 2 yrs. i have noticed that now that i am almost off that the pain is getting worse. the med had started causing me memory loss, paranoia. I was on lexapro with it. it could have been lexapro but my doc at that time convinced me it was the klonipin. I have been thru 2 yrs of hell since getting off. I feel wiped out emotionally and physically.

    I am a 45 yr old RN working prn now due to my health. I have enjoyed riding horses but i haven't done much of that over the last yr. I am afraid if i can't find the right doc and help i will have to go on disability at some point.

    any support and help anyone can offer will be appreciated.

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    Hope you find lots of information and support here like I have. Sorry to know that you have had to come here, but it is a great wealth of information.

    I don't have time right now to say more, but just a quick welcome.
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    I am happy you found this site.......sorry to hear you're suffering.

    There are many different approaches to the pain piece of this illness. I personally don't take pain medication and I don't find klonopin to relieve my muscle pain at all.

    I've been taking a magnesium/potassium blend and find it takes an edge off. Some here swear by high magnesium for pain and L-phenylalanine. Everyone responds so differently, so trial and error seem to be the name of the game.

    I'm also a big advocate for acupuncture.

    You can also do a search on "pain" to see what others are taking.

    Hope you find some answers!

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    I think you will find this Site friendly, knowledgeable,
    supportive and enjoyable! There are most likely 2 or 3
    new people to the Site each day. I'm still fairly new
    myself, for an old guy, it's nice!

    Glad you're here!
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    One of the most recent thing that is helping me is from our store is Fibro Complete Multiā„¢ with Malic Acid.

    I have a little more energy and all with it. But I am far from well.

    Stay with us here. You will discover new info all the time that can help.

    Welcome to our board. Sorry I am not of more help.

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    Welcome aboard but sorry for the reason you are here.

    I am 54 and just now going on long term disability. Have been able to work til now cause hubby does all the shopping, cooking, etc. and pain meds and a desk job.

    Take care,


    I am year old LPNII I would suggest trying to seek a Homeopathic Doctor who does accupunture as well. I have gotten great results in the past from the one I've seen. I didn't start having symptoms until after I had my fist Hepatitis vaccine. How about you? The meds that have worked the best for me are Effexor, Neurontin and xanax.
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    Welcome to the board. Lots of nice people here to share advice, stories, jokes, recipes, vents, and tips on this and that.