New to the Board and reporting my "battery" of treatments

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Carolyn0508, Apr 24, 2003.

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    Just thought I would share my experiences of dealing with FMS for about the past 8 years. The initial treatment was with a low dose of Prozac to improve sleep patterns and it worked pretty well at first, then Xanax was added and that worked well too. The Prozac was eventually changed to Celexa which I tolerate better. But I felt something was missing so I started doing research on my own and felt that supplements could play a part too. A rheumatologist suggested malic acid/magnesium which helped but caused uncomfortable bloating. I discovered MSM (methylsulfynalmethane - a food grade sulphur supplement that detoxifies and relieves pain) and it has helped more than anything else I've tried especially when taken with Ester-C. I also went the estrogen/progesterone route, convinced that at least with women, changing hormones affected this disease. Couldn't tolerate the estrogen so now just use an OTC progesterone cream. Just recently, I added a supplement called "Cell Food" which is one of those stabilized suspended oxygen supplements which I've read pros and cons about but which seem to help with energy and pain tolerance. I also take Coral Calcium with Vit D and magnesium. My heart goes out to those of you suffering and keeping up with a job too. I have been a stay at home Mom for 20 years and not sure if I could have held a job due to this on again/off again disease. I do have some days that are almost pain free. Well, enough rambling - hope this helps someone.

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    WELCOME!!! It sounds like you've done your homework and I know your advice will be a godsend to many here. Keep reading and posting and enjoy the support and friendship you'll get here!!
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    Glad to meet you,and more glad you stopped in to share what has helped you~ I also take magnesium/malic acid and it has helped alittle.I've heard others mention the MSM too....I'll have to look into that one as i really don't know much on that. Quick question if I can? you mentioned trying OTC progesterone cream?I've heard that it also helps relieve menstrual cramping,do you find it does?or can you tell me more about it?where do you apply it for relief? I get severe cramps alot,I have endometriosis~Just curious if it might be something for me to try too.(I think i'm peri-menopause??) I've had FM for 11 years~
    Thanks for your time!
    Take care,
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    Hi Carolyn, glad you found our board. You seem to have things pretty much under control, thats great.

    I do quite well on Malic Acid and Magnesium Glycinate and ZMA (zinc, magnesium and vitamin B-6) for sleep.

    I take other supplements, herbs etc. The only med I take is a low dose Xanax for racing brain syndrome.

    Again, welcome to our world!

    Shalom, Shirl
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    Hi Tandy,

    I don't know about using it for cramps personally as I am post-meno but I have heard that it does. It will get into your blood stream in any fatty tissue area. Be sure you get a cream that has at least 500 mg per ounce. It also is a natural sleep inducer, which is one of the most common problems with FMS and as progesterone drops almost to zero at meno, there's my connection with hormones and FMS. As you know, hormones can start decreasing as early as age 30 (I started peri at 35)From all I've read, there is no danger to the body. Hope this helps