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    Hello all! My name is Julie, I am 34 yrs old and I have had FM for about 5 years. I have been to several doctors, tried endless medications. I have lived with people thinking I am fakeing the symptoms. I even ended up divorced after 8 yrs of marriage because he couldn't understand. I am in the middle of a bad period right now. I am having some problems that I am not sure are related to FM, it is in my hands. The first finger on my right hand is slightly bent, I am unable to straighten it out completley, and the middle finger of my left hand is bent almost completely into the palm of my hand. If I accidently hit either of these fingers and cause them to straighten out, I hit the floor on my knees crying from the pain. I have had prednizone in the past and it worked wonders. However, the dr does not want to give it to me too frequently. I have a heart condition in additon to FM. I had to throw a hissy fit in order to get an appt with the Rhumatologist! They wanted me to wait 3 months! Does anyone else have this sort of problem? I have told the dr I am going to do surgery on myself if he doesn't help me soon! My mother was diagnosised with FM about a year ago -and she is starting to exeprience this same problem with her hands.
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    Welcome Julie,

    I am sorry you are having such a difficult time right now and I wish I could personally help you with what you are experiencing at this time but I have not had that happen to me. My mother has this happen to her ALL the time and the drs never really give her any answers either. She does suffer from a liver disease (autoimmune hepatitis) so they figure it is just something to do with that. My opinion is it is autoimmune related and I believe FM is autoimmune - whether drs agree or not.
    Have you tried going to an orthopedist or even to the ER when it gets so bad. I know how hard it is to have people question your pain and complaints but you know it is real and that is all that matters.
    Please hang in there. I am saying a prayer for you right now and please know that you have found a great place with wonderful people. Again, welcome!!

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    I don't have this problem, just wanted to welcome you to the board. That sounds so totally painful. Take care, glad you insisted on the rhuemy.
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    I'm Kate and I'm 32 years old. Good for you for demanding to see the Rheumatologist! I have a 6 month wait, consequently I haven't gone yet, but after hearing you, I think I'll give him a call.
    I've found this website a great place to sound off about how bad I feel or new treatments I'm seeking. Chances are someone else will have gone through before you. The board fills up fast, so if you want more replies, reply to yourself and that will "bump" you to the top...for a while anyway.
    Here's to being in your 30's!
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    Thank you for the welcome. I have gone to the ER in the past for the flare up - but I don't find them too helpful. I had one dr tell me I was just addicted to demerol - and then he gave me a huge dose of it!! Since my mother was diagnosised - she is my one understanding person!! I hate it that she suffers from the same thing. In the past I took oxycoton for the pain, I didn't see too much good in it. I found some in the cabinet and took some today but I have been itching all evening so I think I am not going to be able to take it any more! I am truely amazed at all the people on this board - reading the posts is almost as if I wrote them all myself! I hate the thought that so many people suffer from the same problems but at the same time I am comforted by the fact that I am not alone!! Julie
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    Hi Julie,
    It is bittersweet to meet tons of people with what we have. I'm sorry your mom has FM too. I've heard that's fairly common and have wondered if I should have kids. I wouldn't wish this pain on anyone! Not that I'm dating or looking, so it's a non-issue right now. What's the best (or worst) treatment you've had for yourself in your journey so far?
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    Well considering I am in the middle of a flare up right now, I can't think of one darned thing that has worked for me!!! I haven't even been given enough medication to knock me out so I don't feel the pain!! Some days that is all I want - just knock me out and leave me alone! Of course with having children that is not a good thing! I was just telling my mom today that so many people say "go take a hot shower" well it's not worth the effort sometimes. My cousin has a hot tub and although it feels great - it wears me out! How about you? What works for you?
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    Hi Julie, welcome to our world. I am so sorry you are having this problem with your fingers, I have had FM for over 20 years and so far have not had that happen. It sure sounds painful.

    I hope you find what is causing this soon. Is it possible it is a spasm? I do get spasms in my back, fingers, and toes, but they will come back where they should be.

    Have you considered taking magnesium? That has been the biggest help I have ever gotten for the FM pain and muscles spasms.

    I am sorry your Mom also has FM, my Mom never had a pain except a headache now and then.

    I am so glad you found our boards, and do hope we hear from you often, and be sure to get to see that rhumatologist, you may find some helps there.

    Take care, and let us know you are doing.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    I am sure I am having muscle spasms in my hands, I get them in my arms, legs and neck also. I just wanted to get in to see the dr when he could actually see the knots in my hands, not just me telling him what is going on. I was ready to meet him in the parking lot if I had to!
    Thanks for all the encouraging replies, and I will definetly be a regular here!
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    Does anyone here go to the chat room? I just found it and I have met some reallly great people!