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    Hi everyone. How long does it take to get answers and maybe some relief from fm.should you see someone other then your family doc on this. I have been in pain for years but always thought it was my job. Last year I had a stress test that was ok. but I still have the sharp pains in my chest and muscle cramp in my back and up my spine. Sometimes I have to force my self to walk or it can take 20 min or so to get out of bed because of the pain.sometimes my mind is not always clear. 2 weeks ago my hands where so sore I could,nt move them. There better now but I dont have as much strenght in them. I was off for 2 days and went back on the third day and they sent me home. I went to the doc he sent me for xrays and blood work which was fine.{ lymes,thyroid. urine ect.He said It may be FM and to come back in 3 weeks,I went back to work and it was hell week, I am off today again and looking for help with this.Can anyone give me some direction on this.
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    If your Dr said that already, and he's trying to rule out everything else, that gives you a few yrs jump start on most of us.

    See you there
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    Welcome to our board where you'll find support, friends and often entertainment too.

    Do some reading on the board, and if you have questions you can always do a search too to see if your topic has been covered.

    You'll find that we discuss almost anything around here too so don't be afraid to ask questions.


    Nancy B
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    Hi sue:

    You mentioned muscles cramping and spine pain, have you checked with your doctor about seeing a chiro. In additon to FM your could have myofascial pain, which causes the fascia of the muscles almost anywhere in our bodies to knot up and cause referred pain to other parts of our body...This is just a thought, but many people with FM also have CMP and they get lumped together. Pain relievers don't work real well for myofascial pain.

    I have found moist heat, a good tub soaking with Lavender and sea salts or just a relaxing shower before bed helpful.

    I have my CMP treated by my chiro, with trigger point release and streching out the muscles. Which I also try to do at home.

    There is a great book on the markey called Fibromyagia and Myofascial pain syndrome a survival manual, you may want to look into it. The author is DR. Devin Starnyl(sp) and she also has both FM/CMP or MPS (old version). Hope this was helpful and you are starting to get some good feedback....

    Don;t let this stuff overwhelm you, its alot to take in at first.

    In wellness,

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