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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mirage22, Oct 20, 2005.

  1. mirage22

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    Hi Ive been searching for the right chat an message boards. I have no one else really to talk to about my fibromyalgia that would understand. I also have endometriosis and mitral valve prolapse though that ones not as serious. I just feel very alone most of the time when I try to explain to a friend or family member how I feel. An it seems my job is judging me a lot of the time. It also feels like i may not be able to handle it much longer and im only 23. If anyone is willing to talk to me I would appreciate it. (email removed per rules)
  2. lovethesun

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    WElcome to the board! My name is Linda(first names are allowed)There are lots of wonderful compassionate people here.You will love it!
  3. Dee50

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    Welcome to the board :) I'm Dee and I have Chronic Fatigue. The is a great board, wonderful people here.
  4. tandy

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    I have both Endo and fibro~ makes for a hell of a time!!
    Can't say which is worse,...they both hurt like mad~
    Hope you stick around~
    Will be chatting soon
    Tandy :)
  5. stinker56

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    Welcome to the boards. I haven't been here too long myself but I have learned so much and felt so much better knowing that others are like me and understand about my problems. Hope you enjoy it and come back often.
  6. bubblesgirl

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    Hi Mirage 22

    You are not alone as you will read from all the messages on the boards. Even when you feel down there are others who will support you. The loneliness is at times the hardest thing to cope with. I have found that I can be in a room full of people and the lonliness is so intense because no-one understands the cost of my being there.In terms of pain and tiredness. If you can learn to gauge your tiredness threshold and admit when you have had enough this will help family and friends understand how far they can ask you to participate.
    Remember it's not your job that is judging you, but possibly yourself more than anyone else. I have found that giving my boss information on my condition and answering his queries is the best way of dealing with the issue.
    I work flexi-time as mornings is my worst period and I work longer in the evenings. If you don't have that type of job,consider a career change, you are still young enough
    to re-train.
    Depression and anxiety just seem to make this condition worse,sometimes I think this battle is as bad as the pain.
    Treat yourself to something that you really enjoy that will take your mind off your symptoms, it doesn't have to be expensive. If your firends and family have access to a computer or to yours, show them the site and the information pages this will help.
    Take care