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    Just discovered the Board today and am looking forward to participating. My husband has some form of dementia - I believe it is a vascular dementia. The Dr.'s really don't tell me exactly. I just know I am not handling everything properly. I am so full of anger. Every day it's something new. For one thing, I simply cannot get him to take a shower. If I suggest a shower he yells at me that I'm not his mother!! He uses silver and dishes and puts them back in the cupboards and drawers. This all seems insignificant when I type it out but every day it's something..............his anger level is getting worse. He's tried to throw me out of the house, he's stared me down, he's refused to let me out of a room, the name calling, etc.
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    Welcome to the Board. Sorry to hear about situation w/ DH (dear hubby). I never
    heard of vascular dementia before. I went to this site

    and read about it. Perhaps you have already been there.

    You might want to post on the Alzheimer's board. The most helpful poster there is
    Norbert who has posted a lot of good information over the years.

    I have Alzheimer's myself. It will eventually lead to dementia and death if something
    doesn't intervene. (I hope it does.)

    Have you contacted govt. agencies where you live? Might be some help available
    if you have the strength to make a lot of calls, etc. Are there any friends/relatives/
    volunteers who would stay w/ him now and then so you could have a break?

    Hope you can find some help.

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    There is also a CAREGIVERS Board here on ProHealth and that is another area to locate information. Scroll down the pages and read the various articles there and resources and I did put government resources there. Find local Caretakers support groups and attend the meetings to get info and find local resources to help you.

    It will be important for you to begin discussing with DH's doctor what you notice at home with him and any medication he should be on. You want to discuss if there is any chance of him becoming violent with this disorder--find out as much in advance as you can. DH's doctor may know some resources too.

    It may also be time to contact your main city's phone number and ask for Community resources. When you get to Community Resources explain you probably need a social worker to come out and talk to you and discuss all this because DH has a form of dementia and you have Alzheimer's. The social worker may be able to start helping you with resources also.

    Good luck and prayers.
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