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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kittykat2, Feb 27, 2003.

  1. kittykat2

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    Hi I am new to this board.I have a qustion,"What do you do when there are no specialist in your area for the treatment of cfs and fm? I was diagnosed a few months ago,but the doctor ended up being so rude to me that I won't go back and he is the only doctor in my region that treats this.
  2. Kathryn

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    You haven't filled out your biography yet, so I don't know what area you are in. Probably the best thing to do is let your fingers take a stroll through the yellow pages. Call every GP, internist, or family practice doctor in the area and ask the receptionist if the office treats persons with FMS. Don't rule out DOs or nurse practitioners. They are sometimes more willing to work with a patient than a regular MD. Good luck!
  3. patchwork

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    Are there any alternative practitioners in your area??? I'm really pleased with my homeopath and I know some people on this site visit cranial osteopaths e.t.c
    Good luck!
  4. JP

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    There are probably a few options...if you are willing to travel, you might find a good doc outside of your immediate area. If you have a good family doc, she/he might be open to learning more from you, if you are into obtaining some good research and sharing it with your doc. I do this with my doc with a few of my conditions. She is great. She will also call other specialists for consult when needed. Finding the best research and journal articles on FMS is always the challenge. There is so much junk out there inspiried by the market. Medical doctors will expect sound research.

    I wish you the best...keep us posted...Jan