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    Hello Eveyone,
    My name is Nadine and I need some advice from ya'll! I have a health record on me... I have Ulcerative Colitis, Epilepsy, and Adhesive Capsulitis. I believe I am in remission now but the partial seziures are taking over. The Physical Therapist says she does not see where I am having AC. She thinks that it may be seziure related and mentioned me to get an MRI or Cat Scan. I also am suffering from Depression and Lexapro is not helping. I called my Rheumy today and he said that he could not diagnose Cronic Fatigue Syndrome. I do not think my family doctor will be able to too. Can an Epilepsy/Sleep Specialist diagnose it? Im afraid they might want to check for a tumor also. Hey but I keep smiling:) What do you guys take for trouble sleeping? I never get enough sleep. Your suggestions are appreciated!

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    hi there, you might want to ask your dr. about these 2 i take together at nite for sleep. they work wonders for me.


    i wake up not drowssy also.
    good luck take care kim
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    Hi Nadine, welcome to the board.

    I have FM, not CFS, but this is what I take for deep sleep;

    Xanax .25 mgs at 7pm for 'racing brain syndrome'.

    ZMA 2 capsules(zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B-6) at 9pm, this supplement is wonderful for deep sleep, I am sleeping 7-8 hours a night for the first time in my life.
    It is sold here at Pro Health (check the Store link at the top of the page) or if you buy it at a healthfood store be sure to get the SNAC brand, as the other brands do not work for sleep.

    Right before bed, 1 1/2 mgs of Melatonin, this helps me fall asleep.

    Can't help with a doctor to diagnose CFS, but I know others here will be helping you with that.

    Again, welcome to the board.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    Buenos Noches mi hermana...

    A neurologist is one speciality that may take CFS cases. Call around; Ask for an AMA referral. Down here in the San Antonio area there is a support group in the phone book...try that and ask members who they see.

    I found a fantastic site when searching the web about this condition of your shoulder. It covered many areas and some areas I needed info on myself.

    Above all, don't panic. Use that good ole Diaphramic Breathing....just like Lamaze.

    But truly, you need a good doc to weave a treatment plan. Pharmacology is tricky step above alchemy (Ha-ha!). Just joking but after a few ordeals I've gone through I take NOTHING without a consult with my pharmacist.