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    Hi! Though I'm new to this board, I was diagnosed 5 yrs. ago. I just found this board and I feel like I have found "my people" haha. Am very fortunate and blessed to have very supportive, loving husband and daughter; spouse is one of the few in my life who never questioned that my pain, symptoms etc were real.

    Just wanted to vent a bit. The doc who diagnosed me has been my PCP for 5 yrs. She has seemed a bit distant and irritated with me lately, particularly after I began having additional symptoms -very intense jaw and facial pain that often left me on my knees crying. I asked her for help; told her I had tried alternating ice & heat packs in addition to pain med and she just wrote the same Rx for Lorcet 10/650 but upped the dose from 4 to 6 pills a day.

    She just sent me a very cold letter informing me that I would be required to take a urine drug screening test from now on because I saw 2 other physicians "for the purpose of obtaining pain medication" and "pharmacy shopped." Ha!
    The 2 physicians I saw were emergency room docs; one I saw in October for walking pneumonia (after my PCP ignored repeated calls from my spouse - it was over a weekend but come can return a call!); the other physician saw me in the e.r. after I was transported by AMBULANCE (oops sorry for "yelling") after falling off of my attic stairs. Yes, I was actually having such a good day, with minimal pain that I decided to climb up to the attic to retrieve a snowman decoration, duhhh!! I was fortunate that I only severly sprained my shoulder.

    In both cases when each physician prescribed 5 mg of Percocet, with the knowledge that I was already on Lorcet, they each said to take it alternately as needed. They said the low dosage and the fact that it was about 12 pills w/o refills would not be a concern. Ok, they are the docs, right? And the pharmacy thing? My husband found the closest 24 hr pharmacy - the same one both times. Wow! What a shopper!

    My spouse called my PCP's office for me because I have anxiety disorder connected to childhood sexual abuse and sometimes cannot handle confrontational situations. He explained why I had seen the 2 docs. The response? My PCP will no longer prescribe pain medication for me.

    I have fought, cried, you name it, I've done it to stand up for myself when I could and my sweet spouse did when I couldn't. And I know y'all all have been through the same things. I have been on the same dosage of Lorcet for 5 yrs until the jaw/facial pain started. I have tried lots of non-narcotic aids and am open to more. But this letter made me feel like a junkie!

    My husband, bless his heart, was ready to spit nails. He says it sounds like it's just easier to get rid of a patient who takes a bit more time; who needs someone to practice the "art" of medicine - oh, we all know it is an art as well as a science!
    Any thoughts? I am open to support in the form of contructive criticism as well as positive feedback.
    Thanks for your time. Everyone is in my prayers.

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  2. JLH

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    It's in the wee hours of the morning where I live and I need to get to bed, but I just wanted to welcome you to the board.

    I don't have time to write a lot tonight, but I did want to make one comment ...... Write a nice letter to your doctor explaining why you saw two other doctors who prescribed pain meds and that you are sorry that she dismissed you from her practice because you thought she may really be able to help you, blah blah blah ....

    It is very important to write a very nice, respectful letter ..... remember, you matter how angry you are at her, you can get more flies with honey than vinegar. At the end of the letter, ask her if she would reconsider about the dismissal and give you another chance. Most doctors do require urine tests these days.

    Also, when posting here, it is so much easier reading if you skip lines between paragraphs, or just ever so often!

    Hope to talk with you more .....

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    Hi and welcome!

    Sorry you are going through all of this.

    The facial pain you are having may be trigeminal neuralgia caused by inflammation of the trigeminal nerve.

    My daughter has this.

    We both discovered that the CAUSE of our symptoms (fibro, insomnia, fatigue, cognitive problems, etc) was the bacteria borrelia burgdorferi....lyme.

    Many people with FM or CFS have later found that the CAUSE of their symptoms was this complex bacteria.

    Think of FM as a symptom of a larger have to find the CAUSE to get the proper treatment and recover.

    Many Dr's mistakenly rule out lyme by running a "lyme test" and seeing a negative result.

    Take a look at the symptom list on pages 9-11 of this very informative paper...see if you have many of the symptoms.....

    Hope you find answers and resolve the problems with your Dr re: pain meds.
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    I would recommend "From Fatigued to Fantastic" 3rd Ed by Jacob Teitelbaum MD. It's ~$11 @ Amazon. FM is complex and related to CFS. Infections are part of the root cause.

    "80% of the immune system is in the gut" so take great care of your colon:
    1) Soluable fiber (fruit pectin, psyllium husks)
    2) Insoluable fiber (wheat bran or flax seeds)
    3) Probiotics, best natural source is Kefir (10 probiotics).

    What other lab results were out of whack?
    How is your sleep?
    Body temp?
    Blood pressure?
    Nutrition and supplements?
    Exercise, sounds like you're able to move around, that's great! How long can you last?
    Salt, sugar and fatty food cravings?
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    Hi Laneysmom and Welcome!

    I'm sorry you have need of this board but happy you found it! It's so great to hear you have your family there for support.

    I too have jaw and facial pain. I say, "My face hurts." That opens the door for my brother to say, "It's hurting me too!" He's my biggest supporter and always finds a way to make me smile. I've found that muscle relaxers are the ONLY thing I can find that will help this pain. I have 7.5/750 Vicoden and that does nothing for my jaw/face pain. I have 5 mgs Flexiril and usually just one will greatly help this pain. (It's non-narcotic so maybe your GP will give this to you. If you want to stay with a doc that doesn't trust you.)

    About your trouble with doctors, I'm infruriated everytime I hear about someone else having these types of experiences with doctors. I have had more bad experiences with docs than good experiences. It's so hard to not let it get to you. It is to your advantage to let your hubby take on that anger. You have to focus on staying calm and looking for the next doc. It took over 5 years to let my family take on that anger but it helps physically and mentally. I get through the bad experience, tell my family and then I focus on finding another doctor who may be able to help. It really does help to let your loved ones take on that part of your search.

    I have a Rheumatologist that works well with me. She knows I'm in pain and understands that I'm not giving up on getting back to normal. I wish you luck in finding a good doc!

    Happy to have you as part of the message board.

    FM, CFS, T1 Diabetes, RA, ect.
  6. Janalynn

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    I would be as furious as you are! There is absolutely no "reasonable" reason why your Dr. would treat you like that.

    Did you sign a contract with her or something when she first prescribed meds? If so and you just neglected to tell her about the other scripts and where you got them filled, that is explainable considering the circumstances you were dealing with.

    I've never once been asked to take a urine test. My recent treating Dr. did have me sign a contract and it does say they can ask for one. My PCP treated me for a few years before that, never asked for one, never asked where I filled my scripts - even though I always use the same pharmacy.
    There were actually times when my medication was in short supply last summer and we had to call every pharmacy in the city to find it. MY pharmacy was the one telling me who to call.

    I think there's more going on with your Dr. - using another pharmacy or getting a prescription for pain meds in the ER, then refusing to help you is complete BS if you ask me!!!!
    (BUT did you sign a pain mgmt contract?)

    It's time to find another Dr. to treat you. You do not have to tell them anything or provide your medical records. Start anew. You may find - well you WILL find, someone who is more willing to take an active role in your care and understand what you're going through.
    Does your Dr. know much about Fibro? Well, tell the next one that you need a Dr. who has some experience or that will partner with you on this long journey.

    Thank God for your wonderful husband - I have one as well and I know how valuable they are.
    When the rest of the world is so far away, it's nice to have one person who understands as much as one can without actually having it.

    Pick yourself up - get on the phone and find a new Dr. Look up rheumatologists. Call any support groups in your area for referrals.
    I'm sure it will work out for the better in the end.


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