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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Kathybo, Sep 20, 2003.

  1. Kathybo

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    Hi everyone...I am new in here. I am 42 years old. My doctor tells me that what is wrong with me Fibromyalgia. Something that there is no specific test for and that other people not experiencing this don't take seriously or so I am finding out. Ccan I join your community here. I am hoping to interact with others that are experiencing what I am going through. Hope to talk with you.

  2. Annette2

    Annette2 New Member

    Hi Kathy! Welcome to our Board. What type of doctor did you see? They can do the "tender point" exam and find out if you experience the pain upon touch. There is a lot of information here and everyone will help you. Also, if you fill out your Profile we can learn a little bit about you. You can put in as much or as little as you like. They discourage members from putting in their e-mail addresses, as there are "lurkers" here who send spam to members, etc. I myself have fibromyalgia and also experience fatigue, as well as brain-fog, low blood pressure, IBS, thyroid problems, sleep disorder, restless leg syndrome, periodic limb movement, and who knows - tomorrow something else may crop up! If you're interested in a particular topic, you can do a Search and read up on past messages. Hope to hear from you often!

  3. Shirl

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    Glad to have you join us, but am sorry you have Fibromyalgia.

    We have a lot of very nice, well informed people on our boards, and I know you will learn a lot here and make some friends that do understand how you are feeling as well.

    As Annette said, you can fill out your profile, gives all of us a chance to know a little about one another.

    Again, welcome to our world..............

    Shalom, Shirl
  4. suz41

    suz41 New Member

    Hi Kathy:

    Sorry to here about the FM diagnosis, but know that you will find support here. I too have FM and have found this site and the other members quite helpful when I post questions. If you get the chance pick up the book Fibromyalgia & Chronic Myofascial Pain a Survival Manual by Denvin Starlanyl. She wtote this book and has FM it is really good. Know that you can come here just to vent or ask questions. We are all here to support each other.

    Take Care,

  5. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    We take this very seriously, but not so seriously that we don't have time for some humor, especially on our Chit Chat Forum. We go there to get away from our illnesses. Just click on Message Boards above and it will take you to a menu of our forums.

    There is a lot which can be done for FMS. You need to find a good doc who is knowledgeable in our illnesses. I assume your doc ran a bunch of tests to rule out other illnesses which can mimic ours.

    This is a very good place to start the healing process.

    Love, Mikie
  6. Fibrolady37

    Fibrolady37 New Member

    Hi Kathy & welcome to our community & to my Fibro family"s soo good to know you.
    You"ll find loads of support on here.
    Take care sharon
  7. Fibrolady37

    Fibrolady37 New Member

    Hi kathy,
    Welcome to a great site,
    MY life is soo much better since I found this site,I"ve had so much love & support sent my way this is my lifeline.
    Its good to hear from you.
    Hope to he ar from you again.
    Soft hugs sharon d