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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jstbrznby, Mar 22, 2003.

  1. jstbrznby

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    Hi There, What a great place you all have here! Some great information, it is just a miracle to find help! I have been sick for a long time, can't believe it took these Dr.s so long to spit the word CFS at me. I have been having blackouts for 4 years, got so bad for a while I had to quit driving but I am better now. My Pain Management Dr prescribed Provigil for me and it is a miracle. But what is this ZMA I have never heard of it and was wondering what it is. It still amazes me that I have been going to DR.s for so long and I get so sick with this, the pain and flu like symptoms and I get so weak I can't pick my head up. It got so bad for a while I was afraid to do anything for fear it would set off another episode of exhaution and pain like I would never recover again! It has been so scarry. Anyway, this is a great place to have discovered. Thanks for being here. Does any one else have these episodes of such horrid exhastion that you can't get out of bed and you hurt all over? Thanks for being here, Pam
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    our corner of the world, Pam. I mostly have pain, lots of it, my exhaustion isn't as bad as the pain.
    Do use the search tool above and read, read, read. There's a LOT of information and knowledgeable people on this site, and you can find much of what you need by using the search feature and pulling up some past discussions.
    We are all here to offer support and information to each other. Jump on in!

  3. Echos

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    And welcome to our home away from home. So glad you found us here. Plenty of us to share your pain and exhaustion. I also have CFS/FM and the fatigue is my worst enemy. I fight all day to keep my eyes open and then fight at night to get them to close. My pain has been overwhelming the past 2 weeks. Really bad in my hips, ankles and upper back. I to have blackouts upon standing. I don't know what it is, but I know it scares me to death. I can almost feel all my blood draining from my head and running towards my toes and then I can hear my heartbeat off in a distance. My heart begins to palpatate. So scarey. Come back and visit with us often. Glad your here.

  4. teawah

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    Good info on ZMA is in the store sight here. I take it for sleep and it has been a miracle. Best sleep in my life. Have tried everything else and this is the one to keep. It also helps the constipation, nightmares, and pain level.

    I was reading here about the blood pressure upon standing not reacting like it's supposed to and that causes the blackouts and dizziness. I have suffered with it for years and nobody ever told me this. Not even the doc I see now. But actually she suck so I am not suprised:)

    I hope you come back and read your little brain out. This place is definitely addicting! I am so glad I found it. It is the only thing keeping me from completely losing my mind or what is left of it.

    peace , teawah
  5. ladydi

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    Hi Pam,

    I'm glad you've found this site. I'm sure you will find
    the information you need. There's always at least one or two that share the same experiences you do.

    So again I say Welcome.

    I have taken Provigil. It is a very good med to keep you sorta going. Many on the board take it too.

    Please fill out your Bio, so we can know you a little

    Best wishes to you Pam.
  6. srollins

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    Welcome, I hope you enjoy this board as much as I do. I am very new here as well, but have found a wealth of information. This is a wonderful place to go when you are down. XOXO to all, Shirley
  7. pam_d

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    (we have a bunch of us here) and I just wanted to welcome you! I have fibro, not CFS, so I don't face the horrible exhaustion, just vague fatigue. I just ordered the ZMA today, so I haven't got any feedback yet, but many here swear by it. I'm glad you found us, this is such a great resource for information & support from people who really know & understand!

    Welcome Hugs,
  8. jstbrznby

    jstbrznby New Member

    Hi Pam, I was wondering how you ordered your ZMA and where can I find information about it? Sounds like something worth checking into! Thanks so much for sharing a post with me, everyone here just sems so kind and helpful..Hope I can reciprocate someday. HUGS...... (another)Pam
  9. Shirl

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    Hi Pam, so glad you found our little world here, we know how frustrating it is with the doctors. So few have ones that even try to understand how we feel.

    As for the ZMA, it has changed my life! I have never slept all night in my life, even as a child.

    I have been taking the ZMA for one year now, and I sleep deeply for 7-8 hours a night. It also helps with the pain (I have Fibromyalgia), and constipation too.

    I get mine here at Pro Health. Just go to the top of this board where it says 'Store', and then type in ZMA, you can read about it, and order it on the web or phone an order in.

    It is a wonder supplement to me.

    If you have anymore questions, please feel free to ask, there is someone here 24/7.

    Again, welcome to the board!

    Shalom, Shirl
  10. KathyM

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    I havn't tried the zma yet; but I may give it a shot I've heard really good things about it. You can get so much info here about it, and almost anything else!!:) I hope you find what helps you,and you check this forum out often. When I found this site; I about flipped; it has helped me when I have been in bad flares!!! Just to vent has helped. Again, welcome!!! Take Care, Kathy
  11. layinglow

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    Hi Pam, and Welcome to the Board. It is a wonderful place filled with supportive people--and a vast amount of knowledge. In answer to your last question---yes, the horrid exhaustion and hurting all over is the nature of CFS and Fibro. I have found a wonderful Doctor thankfully, and my FMS/CFS symptoms are much more under control now with meds and supplements. Like you---it was a long time and lots of Docs.
    Best wishes,
  12. jka

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    i think we've all been there. i use to run into furniture,walls anything that feel into my way!i always had bruises.exhaution is just a way of life.if i'm lucky enough to get a good night sleep, i do feel better. but everything the doc puts me on only works for a while, then it's back to sleepless night.sleep is really a big trigger for me.

    good luck
    kathy c
  13. gardengrow

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    Welcome to the board Pam. I'm fairly new here too and am learning quite a bit. I have CFS and have fatigue everyday. When I really overdo I am really exhausted and have flu like aches all over. I still get that way at least once a week even if I try to be careful. You will see you are not alone -there are many who suffer like you do and we can all help eachother with support and helpful ideas and things weve tried. I have found for the most part that if I try to limit my outings and errands and spread them out it helps alot. But with kids I cant always control my activities and stress level but do the best I can.