New to the site, so glad to have found it...

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by spatialbean, May 25, 2003.

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    Hi Everyone,

    I am so happy to have found this site, it is by far the best and most informative site I have found related to fibro.

    I was wondering how many people think they have had fibro since childhood? A couple of the symptoms I have had since very little are restless leg syndrome (try being five and explaining THAT to your mom!!) and I noticed from very early on that things that hurt me didn't hurt my friends. Like having my cat stand on my lap hurt my thigh muscles. Someone playfully poking me in the chest really really hurt. In high school I did a lot of sports, but my endurance was never on par with my friends.

    I am now in my mid 40s and over the last couple of years the symptoms of fibro that I have became much more pronounced. I went through maybe two years of hives and I am wondering if that was sort of an indicator that things were changing. I have had two physicians tell me that I have fibro, but that basically there is nothing they can do for me. My current doctor says she is not so sure I have it, which plays into my own fears that I am crazy.

    I have been on short term disability since last August for depression and fibro. In January I sort of had a meltdown and spent most of the month in bed. When I was not asleep I was crying. Asleep or awake, I was in physical pain. Things have improved somewhat, I am not bedridden, but I spend many many days on the couch, especially after a day of doing errands. I have to really think about what I am doing, because chances are if I go to the grocery store today I won't have the energy to go to a movie tomorrow. (Besides, who can lift a grocery bag anymore?? Not me.) The depression is still bad, trying lots of new medicines.

    Anyway, I could go on and tell you all of my mysterious symptoms, and how bone crushingly tired I get, and how every square inch of me hurts...but you all know that already because you hurt too!!!

    Thanks for being here...

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    Yes, many of us are thinking back and now have "Oprah- ah-ha" moments. I can remember one summer I spent on the couch watching tv exhausted all the time, having no idea what had come over me.

    There are days I know because the pain is so bad, if I move,it will be worse. But I try to work on the opposite theory ALWAYS, if I don't move my muscles won't be as strong, if my muscles aren't as strong, it will then become harder for them to perform the activies of daily living. If it then is harder for them, they will expend more energy and take it away from "me." A vicious circle. I always do something, even if it is stretching over those huge balls and letting gravity do the work.

    Welcome to the board---it's a nice place to be. Fondly June
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    Yes I had "growing pains" as a child and the cat walking on me always did and stills does hurt. Seems related to me.

    I have had Fibro and chronic fatigue for 16 years.
    I work, because I have no one else to put a roof over my head. After work, there is no energy for anything else. On weekends I drag myself to the store and get laundry done.
    (BTW I am 45 so have had this since age 29 that I know of)

    I don't have too much trouble with depression more with frustration at my lack of being able to do things and sadness at things I miss out on.

    You will find a lot of nice people here. Hopefully some day their will be more answers for us.

    Take care
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    The only earlier symptoms that may have attributed to the onslaught of this would have been bursitis (in my feet) and a three year period of chronic hives (only in summer) and psoriasis in my ears. Who knows? We can all relate to the scariness of FM/CFIDS which can lead to depression. You must try to find a way to steer clear of this. Learning as much as you can can be empowering. I hope you stick around and post - I think you will find comfort in numbers.

    Good luck