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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by carly1229, Nov 13, 2005.

  1. carly1229

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    I was referred to this site and am a little overwhelmed with the information. I have not been diagnosed, blood tests have been negative 2 times, yet my doctor will not rule out lupus and/or fibromyalgia. CFS has never been mentioned. I have horrible joint and muscle pain, all over, but especially in my legs. Some days all I can think of is getting home, lying down and putting my legs up. I have itchy red patches on my face, the front of my throat, and chest that come and go. I also tend to get very sore skin on my upper arms, kinda feels like I have been burnt. This can last several days. It even hurts to wear clothes. Sometimes I am so tired, it is even hard to get out of bed. I do have sleep problems and am taking Ambien every night. I guess what I need to know is if this is the type of thing that is happening to everyone, or is it just me? Thanks so much for your input.
  2. suzetal

    suzetal New Member

    Sorry your feeling awful.

    Happy you found this sight.Many here have helped me out.Its one big family .Thats how I feel about this sight.

    I have FM & CFS also osteoarthritis.I'm in pain 24/7.Meds Take the edge off but it never goes away.My upper arms burn all the time.Ive gotten use to it.

    I also have a problem with wearing clothes.I only get dressed when I have to go out.I wear a big loose tee shirt and a pair of lounge paints with a very loose waist.

    Well again welcome.

    Oh if you have time fill in your profile .It helps us get to know you a bit more.I love reading them.

    Hope I helped some.

  3. carly1229

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    I appreciate your input. I will fill in my profile to help with understanding my problems. Thank you, again. It's good to know others have the same problems.
  4. CanBrit

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    My many blood tests all came back negative. I was diagnosed with FM primarily on positive tender points (16 out of 18), pain in all quandrants of my body, insomnia and also having IBS (quite common in FM sufferers)

    It can be very frustrating waiting for someone to put a name to what you have. I feel raw spots on the back of my legs. Seems a little muscle in my butt flares the nerve running down the back of my leg and into my foot.

    Don't worry that it's just you. Every symptom I've ever had has been validated by at least one person on this board.
    Fatigue is also a nasty side effect of this condition.

    I'm fairly lucky that my Dr has me on a routine that 75% of the time allows me to cope without too much distress.

    Regards and welcome.

  5. libra55

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    Hi Carly, yes those symptoms are very normal for FM. I have FM diagnosed in 2000 and Crohn's disease diagnosed in 2005, am 50 years old, can't work any more. I hate clothes too. When I'm home I'm always in my pajamas or other loose fitting clothes.

    I took Ambien for a while; now I take Restoril. I still have trouble sleeping but I think it is getting better.

    Two things help me. "One day at a time" and "only do what you absolutely need to" It's amazing what you can get away with not doing.

    I am also on prednisone and 6-MP (immune suppressant) for my Crohn's, but they help with FM symptoms too. I have to go to the doctor every week and have blood drawn.

    I also have the burning skin and feel like there is a bruise but there is no bruise on the skin. Weird isn't it?

    Again welcome to the board and hope to see you often.


  6. amlee1978

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    Hi. I just joined yesterday. My legs are worse then the rest of my body too. From my hips down.

    I can't really answer any of your questions, but I wanted to say welcome and glad you found the board. I know I am glad I did.

    C.J. 7-1-97
    Broderick 11-26-00
    Maggie 4-24-03
  7. carly1229

    carly1229 New Member

    I am very glad I found this site. I feel it will be very helpful, and I appreciate all the replies of support. I will keep on "keepin' on".

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