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Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Sunshyne1027, Jul 22, 2003.

  1. Sunshyne1027

    Sunshyne1027 New Member

    Finally got a chance to get here. Found out about it on the main message board.. LOL.. Not sure if its the main one, always has been for me. Its the FM CFS board.

    Nice to see there is a worship board. I hope to get to know, become friends with people here.

    I am a reborn, new to the Christian life. Being baptized on Sunday. Said alot about it allready on the main board.. So don't want to go into it more again. Just happy to be here, looks like my kind of place.

  2. stilhere

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    I'm Jessica and I'm glad you've found this board, I usually post on the Lupus board as I've been diagnosed with Lupus SLE & Scleroderma, but I frequent this board alot for prayer and support and I also give what I can in return.

    I feel I'm still a new christian, been baptized since 1997 and it was great! I'm so excited for you!!! when I see people get baptized I tend to cry because its a whole new beginning for them, they've come to christ, and the angels are having a party!!!its a great feeling to be baptized, the feeling of being on fire for the Lord, satan throws so many obstacles in our road, now the tough part is making sure satan stays behind you and Christ ahead. God is good, I credit the Lord for my well being, as the doctors didn't think I would live beyond 2001. Boy, Christ fooled them!!Anyways...Good luck to you.........

    In Christ
  3. Sunshyne1027

    Sunshyne1027 New Member

    I think I was on the road to becoming a Christian a few years ago. I stopped sinning, was leading a bad life, trying to better myself. Was stuck in this depression for the longest time. Took a person to reach out you know, and teach me to fly once again.

    Being baptized, its means so much to me. I think I will cry too. Its being reborn, into such a wonderful life.

    My sister has Lupus, diagnosed a year ago or so. She is not coping too well with it. She is doing drugs, popping pills that she don't need. Her and I have grown apart. Saddens me some. With me becoming a Christian, it has taken us further apart. I cannot handle seeing her like this, on drugs again. She don't want me to talk about Jesus, God, becoming a Christian. But then I am dealing in my head about the church is my family too. They feel more like my family.

    Say a prayer for her? Her name is Jenny.

  4. stilhere

    stilhere New Member

    I'm sorry for your sister and I will definetly say a prayer for her, its so hard to deal with any kind of sickness,let alone one that (I call it) cripple's you from the inside first, then when people see us their first impression is 'well you don't look sick', I also have a brother who is a drug user, he's been close to death before, and has lost all his kids to foster care, but he still keeps on using drugs, I learned a long time ago that you just have to let them be sometimes. For myself again with my family I discovered that they are uncomfortable with my being a christian, I'm not perfect, no one is (only Jesus), but if I say anything sarcastic or see something different, their response, 'well christians arent' supposed to do that', you know. I've discovered that my church family in actually all 3 states I've lived in have been there for me and my children, so your right there, just don't do what I did, I used to have such high expections of my church family and when something happend, I would be devasted, I had to realize that we're all human and we all make mistakes, (I hope I'm not rambling), one more thing I wanted to add before I stop about our family being uncomfortable around us, is that even for Jesus Christ, (not that I"m even comparing myself or anything to Him,), but even for him, when he went back to his home town, they said that he wasn't the messaih (sp?), that he was just Joseph the carpentar's son, SO,
    In Christ
  5. mamafurr

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    this is an awesome place and so glad you found us.

    i am happy to meet you and will write again later as working my way down the board, i am a day late...$$ short as usual and have to get to the pharmacy...where else??

  6. mamafurr

    mamafurr New Member

    just a quick note...out the door...having prob w/sending emails. dang thing keeps shutting off when i click send. so to be safe posting here quick like.

    all is well
    vicki coming over tonight for Bible study. i almost typed Boble...geeze i'm loosing it.
    got your mail...i'm better. will explain later.
    love ya
  7. Shirl

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    So glad to have you join us, and a brand new Christian at that! We do thank God for your conversion and baptism.

    Will be praying for your new life in Chirst, its always a hassle when we are just saved.

    God bless hon.............

    Shalom, Shirl