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    i am new here and i have the worst pain ever. i was diagnosed about 10 years ago with fibro. and have been put on disability because of that and the depression.
    i want to be healthy and happy and yet i can't. i try so hard but it is impossible. first off i feel like killing myself because i can't take the pain anymore. every medicine i take lasts for so long and then it comes crashing down.
    i get so depressed because i just want my life back--to work, and to have no more pain. i try an exercise but it is impossible..i clean the house every day and that puts me in massive amounts of pain.
    my daughter is in soccer and it takes everything i have to get to her games. i always miss her practices and scrimages. it pisses me off so bad.
    i used to work at least 50 hours per week, take care of my daughter, clean, get the groceries done and had no problems. now i just sit here in pain and complain all the time it makes me cry.
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    Have you read Dr. Teitelbaum's book: From Fatigued to Fantastic? It helped me a lot AND it made my doctor visits much more productive.

    I did end up going to a Fatigue Center, I found out there that I have Lyme disease.

    There is hope. There is a team of fellow ppl on this forum that can help turn your life around.

    Tell us more about your symptoms, perhaps our collective wisdom get your feet back on the ground.

    Ribose, is a "bandaid" it doesn't cure FM/CFS but it supplies energy to our broken energy cycle. It may give you a boost until other things kick in. 5 grams, TIB (3X daily).

    Methyl B12 sublingual, the Jarrow brand was rated 5 stars. Its helping me, too.
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    Hi Jane,

    You've been dealing with this pain/fatigue for so long. I'm sorry you haven't found anything that helps for a longer time period. Maybe you should go to another doctor to get a second opinion or just a different set of eyes look at your file. You never know with this DD what can help.

    I know it can be hard but the best thing I ever did was learn to grieve, accept and manage. First, my councilor showed me that I had not yet grieved for the life I once had. That "me" is gone and will never return. Then learn to accept what my bodies new boundaries and limits are and work within those limits. Lastly, learn to manage what IS still in your control.

    That is much easier said than done. I still use these steps with every flare. I feel pretty good sometimes... Then all the crap returns. I grieve again for those few days of near normalcy.

    I can understand being pissed about missing your daughter's practices.... My mom had to work two jobs while raising us. She only came to 1 of my tennis matches. (I won!) I still remember that day so vividly. Your daughter will remember you going to her games too. Try not to worry about not being able to do everything... Just do your best to do the most important things.

    I'm glad you have a loving and understanding family. Remember they love you, no matter what!

    Hope you are feeling better today. Welcome to the boards!


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