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    i am new here and i have the worst pain ever. i was diagnosed about 10 years ago with fibro. and have been put on disability because of that and the depression.
    i want to be healthy and happy and yet i can't. i try so hard but it is impossible. first off i feel like killing myself because i can't take the pain anymore. every medicine i take lasts for so long and then it comes crashing down.
    i get so depressed because i just want my life back--to work, and to have no more pain. i try an exercise but it is impossible..i clean the house every day and that puts me in massive amounts of pain.
    my daughter is in soccer and it takes everything i have to get to her games. i always miss her practices and scrimages. it pisses me off so bad.
    i used to work at least 50 hours per week, take care of my daughter, clean, get the groceries done and had no problems. now i just sit here in pain and complain all the time it makes me cry.
  2. Rich333

    Rich333 New Member

    Sorry you are in this low spot, I have been there again and again. What pulls me out of the worst of it is just thinking about what I am doing. If I am just being sad and feeling bad, that will not work in the long run.

    There is always a choice...either stew in our misery or find something we can do to make things a little better. I try to do something that makes my life a little better somehow every day. I learned after a while that being sad leads to more misery, but gritting my teeth and going on at a slow and steady pace has a better outcome.

    I'm not saying this well, I hope you get the drift of what I am trying to get across to you. I very much hope things get better for you soon, or you find a way to cope with it somehow.

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