New to this~~Anyone have these symptoms?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by JChild, Mar 6, 2006.

  1. JChild

    JChild New Member

    I started out one and half years ago with all these symptoms on my left side. Left leg started tingling and raised goosebumps, scalp had same tingling, face and hand had a thawing out feeling; all on the left side. Both of my hips were painful while laying in bed. Had to sleep on my back. Does this sound familiar? Help~~JChild
  2. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member

    I bring all of my strange symptoms to my rheumatologist, who treats me for both FM and CFS. He will always do something to make me feel better. During the lull when
    I do not have an appointment I grin and bear it. And yes: I have felt exactly the way you have. When I wake up I do not know where the pain will be next and how it will manifest itself. Also, I do have pain in both hips and have a hard time making corners from one room to the next.
    I hope you have a doc who can take a serious look at what is going on. In the meantime, get the best rest you can.
  3. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    My pains, tingling/numbey feeling all went to my left side in January. As if you had novacaine and it is thawing out, right?

    It has recently eased off some, to a milder tingling, but the pain in the leg gets worse then and tingling.numbey ,oves to middle and next towards little toe.

    My rheumy thinks it is neuro. Strangely, after going on antibiotics my left ear started gurgling and whooshing and the facial novocainey thing much diminished PLUS my dizziness of months and months went away, also at the same time I had a blood clot of sorts in my finger.

    I had just had the ear checked and NO FLUID so I am at a loss. My rheumy thinks it is sjorengens due to the plethora of symptoms. My neuro is no good and next nearest one is miles away, so I have to wait till the snow goes away.

    So yes, plus I know ithers here have the same sort of stuff.

    Love Anne C and welcome.
  4. JChild

    JChild New Member

    Thanks NyroFan. Not sure I'm doing this reply thing right. I am still experiencing the same symptom and new ones. The new ones are: muscle twitching; body feels like it is shakey on the inside or vibrating, vibrations on the back of my feet, after a shakey event my whole left side gets a cold feeling, like I am chilled and then the left side aches; my left hand gets achey feeling and sharp pains after I use it. My skin is also very sensitive to deep touch. My doctor is treating me for fibro but hasn't diagnosed me with it. JChild
  5. JChild

    JChild New Member

    Thanks Anne C,
    My doctors checked for stroke at first and then ruled it out. I go to a Preventive Medicine/MD doctor and has me on many supplements and I don't eat dairy or wheat. This has all seemed to help especially with the pain. I don't seem to experience the pain as most others with fibro or CF. My doctor is also treating me for neuropathy. I hope you can find answers to your symptoms. It all sounds so mysterious. JChild

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