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    hello all. I have been trying to figure out since sept of last yr what is going on with me. I had seizures at 15 and probably 2 yrs after that I went through a major depression and had some symptoms which I chalked up to the depression. At times throughout the years I would noticed I would get tired and weak and just want to sleep. My legs would ache. Then in sept I noticed my legs were hurting again but this time it felt like they burned. I went to my pcp and got two rounds of blood drawn. I was iron def. and anemic. That was treated and cleared up. I got blood done again and the iron def was gone but I was still slightly anemic. I also had a uti and blood in my urine. I had some lupus tests done antism antidna ana and all were neg except ana which came back slightly abnormal but nonspecific. So that leads me to my symptoms I have now:

    -headaches(pressure and migraine-like)
    -mouth ulcers
    -rash on cheeks and nose(also on arms and chest sometimes and is caused by fluorescent lights which is fairly new for me, sun, heat and emotional upset and burns sometimes)
    -tinnitus(which became constant over 3 months ago)
    -cold hands/feet with color change(dr thinks its raynauds)
    -burning pain from knees into hips but has also gone down to my calves
    -hot hands/feet(they turn bright red swell a little and are hot and burn)
    -dizziness(upon standing)
    -sweating(recent development.. happened after almost passing out from being dizzy after hitting the floor and just appeared one night with uncontrollable shaking and cold chills my heart raced and the rash i checked my blood sugar and it was 98. my fasting glucose is 72 but dont have diabetes etc.)
    -i got a lower backache with the last uti which i believe is a kidney infection because the pain and spotting went away after i was treated with anti. but that comes back it seems with every flare.

    So after all that, I just had an appt yesterday with my neurologist and this is what happened:

    Everything went exactly how I thought it would. He said my pulses in my feet were fine so instead of it being a circulation problem its probably vessel constriction which happens with raynauds. Because of my other symptoms its probably something that causes raynauds such as lupus which he mentioned or autoimmune. So hes doing a full blood workup and a few tests Ive never had before.. a protein electrophoresis, CPK and a few others. Hes also testing for lupus, ra, lyme and hiv. I am also getting a back xray to rule out an injury and a nerve test done on my legs march 11th at his office which I hear is somewhat lol An MMG test I think its called. I see my new primary doctor tomorrow so well see what happens there as well because the neuro said the rash which I had at the office was a little out of his field.

    If anyone has any questions, comments please feel free to email me directly or post here. Thanks so much and if anyone can relate please get up with me! :) -Brit

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    Welcome to the board. Are you a Brit? I have ancestors from all over the British Isles.

    I hope your doctors can figure out the root of your problems and find some good meds.

    If you want to see what helped my depression, you can read my profile. Just click on my name above.
    Might be something you would want to try. (If the profile doesn't open, just try again later. The board
    is going through some changes. Still has some glitches.)

    You may also want to visit the depression board and the chit chat board. The latter is just
    for relaxation and social chatting. We talk about kids and movies and music and pets, etc.

    You may want to read the board rules. See upper right corner.

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    I generally post on the candida board. I believe most if not all of the health issues on this site originate from yeast or intestinal imbalance. Most of your symptoms I have experienced and been tested for. My tests were negative but I still had all these symptoms. After a couple of years of suffering and many doctors I had a allergy/candida/gastro intestinal panel done. The diagnosis was systemic yeast. I now follow a program for eliminating yeast and I definitely feel much better! Go to it is very helpful in describing yeast and other pathogens and lists supplements and products to help in healing. Best of luck! Shep
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    Some possible diagnoses to consider are Borrelia infection, Bartonella infection and Babesia infection...these can coexist also.

    They are usually aquired from a tick bite (that people often don't remember). Can also be transmitted by blood transfusion, sexually transmitted, from mother to fetus and through breastmilk.

    Here's some info if you want to read it...