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Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by bigdan2, Mar 23, 2004.

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    Hello to all of you. My name is Dan and I normally read and post on the diabetes board. I have been a type 2 diabetic for about 2 years. During this time I have pretty much gotten my blood sugar under control. I take actos and lipitor daily. My question is this, lately at night when I rest or read or watch tv, I can hear my heart beating in my ears. My bood pressure is fine, but I hear my heart pounding in my ears. This happens sometimes in the morning when I awake also, but not all the time. Has anyone else out there experianced this or know someone who has? It goes away for the rest of the day than starts up when I relax. Thanks for any replys. Bigdan
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    I also experience this especially when I lay down to sleep at night. It is really annoying isn't it? A doctor told me once even a slight bit of hardening of arteries close to the ear can produce the heartbeat sound it can just be the result of aging. Or maybe it is tintutis where you can hear sounds in yout ear for no reason. Diet and exercise is suppose to help with the first thing i mentioned. You should mention this to your doctor.
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    Thank you very much for your response. You may be correct with that information. Being a workacholic for 20 years straight, I didnt pay attention to my health that much. Now that Im getting older Im trying to slow down and take care of myself better. Its super hard to do!! Im sorry to read about your depression. Its sounds like there may be a link between your depression and your husbands gambling. I know all about depression. I lost my younger sister to it. She just couldnt beet it and it beet her. She was a wonderful person and I loved her so. Life can be so complicated for us, so hard it seems. I hope you are getting help for your depression. You must overcome it. How long have you been like this? I hope you have family and close friends you can talk to. If you need encouragement anytime let me know, or if you just want to vent. You can contact me on the prohealth diabetes board. My sreen name is bigdan2 Thanks again for your response. Gotta go for now--take care--BigDan
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    Hi Dan,

    I have had diabetes for five years with good AIC average at the present time, but still blood sugars range from 50 to 150. When I lie down I can hear my heart beat in my head or ears, but also there is pressure in my ears too. This happens only when relaxed at night or when I lie down. I mention to internist, but he didn't know what that was. I don't have high blood pressure, just diabetes and fibromyalgia and severe myofasical pain.
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    Hi Dan, sorry about that thumping. I know how annoying it can be. Ive got diabetes, CFS/FM/MCS, Chronic Lyme DIsease etc. Well, I know this sounds strange, but it worked for me. I was plagued by the "thumping" and it didnt seem to be related to heart rate, sugar level or BP. An alternative doc suggested ONE DROP of Iosol brand Iodine supplement (just search a web engine and you will find a lot of people willing to sell it to you. Its cheap and a little lasts a lone time) in a glass of water in the evening with my pills. That stopped it immediately and Ive been doing it for about 5 years and the few times i have forgotten to take the drop, then thumping came back. I know we are all different chemically and symptomologically, but there sure are a lot of similarities in all of us poster's lives.
    I hope it helps you. Peace and Good Luck.