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    hi, am new to this board and just read thru fm symptoms...i've had symptoms for years and was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia this past summer. was tested for lyme's as well which was neg. 2 docs elimated ms just by my symptoms. i haven't read anyone explaining one of my most dreaded symptoms of all: all of my (deep tissue) muscles feel as tho they need serious flexing; this is my 'episode'. it's torturous and challenges my mental health as i lay on the floor, stretching, rolling, flexing over and over for hours. horrible...been happening for years. i get migraines once in a while/not often, once in a while get shooting pains (like the flu) all over my body and joints randomly, and at times somewhere on my body my skin is SO sensitive i can barely touch it against anything. seems to me like it's mostly on my left side. and of course there is the extreme tiredness at times. the md suggested exercise of course so i started walking daily at least a half hour at a good clip and felt somewhat better overall. now that it's dark early and i am working full time i find it difficult to get out there and walk and have almost eliminated the thought of doing it. oh----the worst symptom for me is the humidity of summer. i feel ill, weak, tired. winter gives me the aches and pains as well and i am very suceptible to what i refer to as 'fake frostbite' on my hands, feet. they swell, burn, tingle, itch. SO---how is this saga for my very first posting?????? am SO GLAD i happened onto this site cuz i know of no one personally suffering from fibromyalgia...thanks for listening.
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    to our own little piece of the world. Very nice start to the board but a newbie myself to the board not the illness. I was officially diagnosed 10 yrs ago. Was computer illiterate until about 1 1/2 yrs ago but now surf like a wiz. hee hee

    sorry to hear of the deep tissue flexing issue, can't say I have had that one, but listed my issues in a previous post just today!! I do know that once about 5 yrs ago I got a massage (they didn't tell me it would be deep tissue) and I thought I was gonna die!! I felt like a train wreck for 3-4 days. Needless to say I will never do that again.

    Again just a note to say welcome to the board. I hope you get as much pleasure from it as I do!!
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    ooof - i go through the same thing with the need to stretch and flex. I do so, but I find if I overdo it (even if it feels good at the time) I pay for it later. what somewhat helps is lying on a heated mattress pad, this kind of relaxes and unknots the muscles for me even better then rolling on a foam roll.
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    This is a great sight .Lots of members with great info.
    Sorry you are not feeling well.

    I suffer from FM CFS and osteoarthritis( spelling).

    I no longer work .I was working 50 to 60 hrs a week before this happened in Oct. 2003.

    Mine also started on my left side.Now both sides are affected.

    Any time you need someone to vent to or listen you have found the right place.Also any ? you have about meds. and treatment options or supplements.

    Again welcome aboard.

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    I have had symptoms since age 15 (32 years) but was diagnosed 10 years ago. Am now being retested for MS because of the progession of the relapses, which includes paralysis. I hear you can have FM & MS at the same time...yikes! My son calls me "Super Gimp!" and sings, "Here she comes to save the day." So there is laughter in it, at least. :)
    There are so many symptoms to this disease, having a good support system at home is priceless. Just having people KNOW you are not making it up is such a gift! And getting excellent medical care is essential. I also take enzyme & mineral supplements and exercise every day on a Gazelle since I can't walk very far. It took me forever to find exercise equipment that worked for me...the rest are in the equipment graveyard called my back porch.
    My goal at first was to survive FM, but as the years go on my goals have changed. Most of my family has adjusted and have been very supportive. When I am down for the count, they give me the grace I need to muddle through until I feel better. The others who blame or criticize are really not around me much, so that's good.
    I use a cane and sometimes a wheelchair. It's funny how strangers don't even see you -- you become invisible. So I smile and converse and try not to laugh at the shocked look I see--they expect depression but get hope. Once people realize I am a person in that chair, they respond positively and seem relieved that I can talk about things other than my illness. (To me, that's what this forum is share things I don't want to share with the world-at-large.)
    I know you'll find help & support in the years to come. You'll learn to float in this ocean's ebb & flow, and not fight the current so much. Once that happens, you can get on with your life.
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    love to both VENT and LISTEN so i supposed i have found a second home!!!!!!! stumbling across this site today has really made my day!!!!!!!! thanks for your friendly msg.
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    A lot of us can't read big paragraphs .It's fms/cfs related.We can read a lot easier if you put breaks after evry couple of lines.I hope you won't be offended by me mentioning this(((((((((((Hugs))))))))))))))Linda